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Monday, July 31, 2017

Famous Indians: A Collection of short Biographies  by The Interior of Indian Affairs.

Warriors, statesmen, prophets and scholars,--the firmest of friends and most formidable of foes--there are heroes and heroines of many kinds in the often tragic yet inspiring saga of North American Indians. Many of the Indian personalities whose lives are briefly described here were Chiefs--some of them have become famous around the world. All were leaders in a great struggle to preserve treasured lands and lifeways. With their tribesmen, they are inseparably linked to our country's history from its earliest beginnings through generations of growth. Biographies (most including portraits or photographs) include Powhatan, Pocohantas, Massasoit, King Philip, Pope, Joseph Brant, Pontiac, Sacajawea, Tecumseh, Sequoyah, John Ross, Black Hawk, Osceola, Cochise, Seattle, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Wovoka, Joseph, Quanah Parker, and Geronimo.

In an 8x10, double column format, this was, as they say, short and sweet.

The Biographies were only 1 or 2 pages long and yet... I read of some Famous Indians that I had not  heard of in the books I have already read.   I am finding there are so many books out on the "western Indians", that I will have to search for some on the Eastern Indians.   I have already learned there were many tribes I never  heard of because with all the killing they came extinct. Not a very nice word.. but true.

It is so ironic that in today's world we invite people from other countries to come and live here, share all we have!  When, back when man discovered America and the Indians said, "come and live  here and share what we have", the "new American", with all his greed, could not "share".. they wanted it all... and took it all.  

I read the books about Indians now... I know I cannot change anything of their past, or our past...  I just wonder why the lesson of Greed cannot be learned?


Blogger Cath said...

The Eastern Indians were quite sophisticated I think. Didn't they have like a commonwealth of nations going on? I'm sure I read that somewhere. Just thinking of all those wonderful forests they lived in on the east coast gives me goose bumps.

4:25 AM  

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