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Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Must be having a brain fart..

Thursday, October 6, 20059:13:00 PM EDT
Feeling Frustrated

I must be having a brain fart...Well, it's true.. when you get old ya get alot of "brain-farts".. you know, things happen and a light bulb finally goes off and you realize.."ok, i got it" (finally)

Well, I'm just getting the hang of this journal thing.. sheesh.. I'm old but i'm still trainable! (if there was only someone to do the training i might get it sooner) sigh.

So the other day i wanted to talk about aging in America.. I still think it pretty much sucks and I doubt anyone will change my mind anytime soon, but if you'd like to try.. be my guest! I'm still angry and upset and depressed over it all. You work all you life (one way or another re: stay at home housewives. I DARE anyone to say that isn't work! I was one of them and going to work from 8-5, getting paid and getting weekends OFF and paid vacations is a hellava lot easier!) and then you wake up one day and know the time you have left is "numbered".. that alone is enough to scare the "doo doo" out of anyone! Then as your body begins to fall apart (and don't think it won't) You find out your insurance doesn't cover very much. The money you may have saved "for the golden years" dwindles and of course no one cares.. heck your just an old person. Old people don't have lives or even enjoy being alive. Well, Duh.. no chit sherlock! you wouldn't either if you had to pinch every penny and not go to a doctor because you can't afford to .. and on an on..

Ok.. i feel myself getting on that soap box again.. I didn't want to do that.

So... today was another jovial day. (yeahrightsure) Sooooooo.. how about?... ummmm Ohhh, I watched Lost the other night!! Great show don't ya think? I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad the new season finally started, I don't know about anyone else but i had more than had it with reruns!

Well.. I think I am getting the hang of this journal thing.. hopefully i will get better at it as time goes by.. (thats a song isn't it?! heh)


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