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Friday, January 27, 2006

A Good Ending to the Week...


After weeks of searching and pleading with my neighbor to bid on books for me on ebay (I don't have paypal but offered to pay him cash instantly) and after loosing one bid and him not being home to bid on another I FINALLY managed to get the old books I had been wanting by Terry Brooks!!

(I have a photo of the covers but blogspot will not let me post a photo)

Yesssss! And they are the Originals too!! And in Excellent condition for books put out in 1977 -1984! They don't even look like they were ever read!

I definately OVERPAID for the first book "The Sword of Shanarra" but I got the other two cheap! But overall, it cracks me up when I saw one of them being "ebayed" once with an original price sticker on it of 3.95... you can bet that's not what i paid! (and paperbacks no less!)
But if you ask me if I am happy with them... you'll get a huge, profound YES!

It may sound strange to some to overpay and go crazy to replace old books I've already read more then once... but you see... I intend on reading them yet again! I do this every few years. I start pullling out my favorite stories and read them over again. It's not that i forget them as much as I do tend to forget "details" which allows me to enjoy rereading them.

I would begin reading them tomorrow but there is a small version of the autograph show i go to on the weekend, and I plan to go tomorrow. There's not many "guests" that I really care about, but there are two I want to get their autographs.

One is Terry Moore. Besides the fact that she happened to have a part in 3 of the westerns that my friend DeForest Kelley was in, but also because she starred in a movie i absolutely love: Mighty Joe Young. It starred Terry Moore and another actor I adore, Ben Johnson. (I am happy to say i wrote him once and got his autograph)

The other person I want to see is Robert Picardo. To most, he played the holographic doctor in Star Trek.. but to me, he was the man on stage with DeForest at the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek, when the two of them brought down the house with laughter. I hope I have the opportunity to speak with him about that time.

Ok.. so.. Friday ended as a decent day!! I hope it was a good day for you too.


Blogger Astaryth said...

That is so cool that you finally got your books! Good for you. And, I understand completely about the rereading thing. I revisit Pern (and several other favorite books) quite often.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

I love books and I love ebay--have bought some antique books there myself! Ain't it grand?

8:11 PM  

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