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Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Rant

It's bad enough it's a "Monday" but it snowed some last night, then turned to slushy rain and it's still yucky outside. I am hoping it clears some before this evening when we have to bring my brother home. He can't walk but a few steps but if wet or slippery it could turn into a bad time. They say it will clear so I hope, for a change, the weatherman is right!

I am not thrilled when I have a few things that i want to get cleared up before having to put all my energy into my brothers return. Most especially when, in order to take care of these matters it means phone calls.

First, of course, you get the recordings.. choose this, choose that.. then when they finally get you to where you need to be, the person doesn't answer and asks you to leave your phone number for a "call-back". Well.. I don't know about you but when the messages says they will call back, I learned long ago .. don't hold your breath!

Gads I hate it. Wait, wait, wait, and then you call again and get the same thing of "leave your phone number".. well duh, been there, done that! Gimme a break!

The fun thing about calls like that is, have you ever noticed, that when a company DOES give you a human being to talk to that you immediately get the impression this person has no idea what you are talking about?! Umm, like train those you hire please! aggggggggggg.

Gee, can you tell that i could be in a better frame of mind??!! The phone ringing with answers would help tremendously!.. but , nope.. I won't hold my breath.. i might hit my head when i pass out!

Deja Moo : The feeling you've heard this bull before.


Blogger Virenda said...

Gee, I'm sorry things are kind of down for you and I do hope the weather turns out okay. I hate recording messages and can't stand the "we'll call you back' schpell. :0| Love the cartoon by the way, nothing better then a quick laugh.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I hate those recordings, and menu's too. I had to call sprint the other day, to cancel vision on my phone, and I dance around the menu options for a few minutes until I actually was able to speak to a real person. He of course put me on hold so I could speak to a representative that handled the cancelations. It took all of thirty minutes.

9:53 AM  

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