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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Aurielalata's Writer's Question

Writer's Weekly Question #13: Where do you begin when you start a novel? Do you begin at the beginning or with the characters? Or do you begin with the setting? Where do you begin and do you start with a game plan?

As usual, you don't have to be a writer to respond to these questions. This meme is meant as a community building sort of project. All you have to do answer the question either in the comment box below, or in your own journal. If you post in your journal, be sure to drop by and leave a link in the comment box so that we all can share in the joy of your response.

Jess ( ) posted a writer's question but says you don't have to be a writer to respond... that makes it so even "I" can respond, so I will.

I've only written one story that I consider writing, since it took over 2 years to write it and when i broke it down I had myself a "trilogy"..

(my designs for covers.. would this make you pick one up to see what it's about?)

When I wrote my *books* I knew the beginning and the end of each, and had ideas for some of the middle. However, during the writing, the characters managed to take things in their own directions, which kept me hustling to make sure it would still wind up the way I had seen the ending. So, yes, there certainly was a game plan, what I didn't know until I was writing it was "how" it would get to the conclusion. I wound up letting the characters lead the way.

This worked for all three *books*, since then I've had an idea to continue the story.. I have a beginning, and ideas for the middle.. but no conclusion. I find I need this so that i can keep the direction towards that ending.

It's strange to me that I can't come up with an ending.. maybe because it can't be just an ending, there has to be a reason for the ending. My idea for the next *book* is logical.. it's a step forward that although it's a fantasy, makes sense. But i just cannot write and not know where it's going. I can't seem to get the full Game Plan together. *sigh*


Blogger V said...

The first chapter of "James & the animals" was written many years ago for a college English class. From there, just started typing!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The characters DO have a mind and a life!) of their own....
Following them is the whole process of discovery that has always made writing such a delight to me.

11:24 PM  

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