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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A "Me" Meme

C J over at CJ Reading Seriously tagged me for this little Meme..

6 Random Things About Me

1- When I was only 20 yrs old I played drums in a R&R band called The Marvels.

2- As much as I love tv shows like Star Trek, and Movies of all sorts.. any time I go to talk about them I forget character names/ peoples names etc.. I go blank!! Oh I think of it later, but not when I need it!

3- When I drove, my favorite car that I owned was a 1955 Ford Victoria (and NO it was not in 1955! it was in the 80's)

4- I never met my father.

5- I have a tattoo on my left shoulder

6- There are many fictional/ fantasy characters that I truly wish were real ! (and many I am darn glad are NOT! heh)

I am supposed to tag others but I'd rather not... HOWEVER.. I will say that should anyone reading this decide to do it I surewouldn't mind reading their meme!! (hint hint)


Oh man.. I nearly freaked out this morning! I thought sure my computer caught a virus!! Scared the doo doo right outta me!

I clicked on one of the journals I read every day and it came up and then a new browser with it came up and another and another and another... !!! Trying to remain calm I tried to X some off..but to no avail.. more kept coming! Then I tried to do Control/ Alt/ Delete and it wouldn't even come up!...

by that point I was freaking!.. without a doubt!

I then hit the button on my tower to shut down....... guess what.. it wouldn 't shut down!

I readied myself to scream very loudly when I looked down and thought to click the button of my power surger off... that .. of course.. let it all shut down!!

I waited a few moments and clicked the tower to boot up.. frantic .. wondering what I would find. My wallpaper came up.. all looked normal. I immediately ran Norton... it showed no viruses.

Not wanting to take any chances I immediately did a 4 cd back up of my stuff. (I do this each month but I was due to do it this week and hadn't yet)..

Once I was all backed up I tried my browser .. took a DEEP BREATH and clicked on the blog that went crazy on me... *smile*.. it worked without any problem!!!

I have no idea what would have caused that without it being a Virus, has that happened to anyone before??? I was wondering if I did something without realizing it and hoping NOT to do it again..heh..

So far so good... ok.. time to get back to a little reading and let the computer rest!!


Blogger cj said...

I've had that happen at work but don't remember it happening at home. If you have a techie friend, you might want to run it by him/her...

I love your answers. And I can seriously see you banging on the drums! How cool. I'm with you on the characters, too.

Thanks for playing!


7:20 PM  
Blogger animewookie said...

Wow! A tattoo, you wild woman :D I love it.

I have, actually had that happen to my computer at home, but I was able to turn it off at the tower, (thank God!) I don't know what caused it. I just made sure I did a disk cleanup, defrag, and removed any adware right after.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Debi said...


8:01 AM  
Blogger Kim L said...

Glad your computer is fine! Viruses are a huge pain. My work computer regularly decides to stop working, I just blame it on computer gremlins.

And that is so cool that you play the drums :-)

10:13 PM  

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