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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RIP Wrap Up


I think I did well this year.. I read 10 books ! (and one of those books was nearly 800 pgs!)


1. Nine Coaches Waiting..........Mary Stewart (352.pgs)

2. What the Dead Know............Laura Lippman 376.pgs)

3. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil..John Berendt (416.pgs)

4. An Unpardonable Crime.........Andrew Taylor (485.pgs)

5. Drood.........................Dan Simmons (778.pgs)

6. The Haunted  Hotel............Wilkie Collins (129.pgs)

7. The Anatomy of Ghosts.........Andrew Taylor (412.pgs)

8. Manna From Hades..............Carola Dunn (320.pgs)

9. Blacklands....................Belinda Bauer (240.pgs)

10.Sherlock Holmes:Army of Dr Moreau...Guy Adams (284.pgs)

(3,792 pgs)

My favorite of the ten books  is Drood by DanSimmons.  It was the second time I read the book and I have to say it was as good the second time as the first! Although the book is fiction there is much that is true and by the time you finish reading this book you feel like you know a whole lot more about Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. (and indeed you will!)

The book I liked least (but I didn’t “dislike” any) is Manna From Hades by Carola Dunn. The only reason I have to say I disliked it is that I didn’t feel like I knew the characters well and didn’t really feel as if I was in Cornwall.

The most intense book was Blacklands by Belinds Bauer.  This book you got to know the characters well and you really felt like you were in the mind of a serial killer.  I’m betting the author had bad dreams while she wrote that book!… and I’m not sure I would especially want to visit Exmoor after reading this book!

Andrew Taylor was a new author for me. Of the two books I read by him I liked An Unpardonable Crime best.

As always I totally enjoyed RIP…and I hope Carl continues to host it for a long time to come!


Blogger Cath said...

You did fantastically, Pat, absolutely brilliant.

I have to read that Exmoor book... seeing as I live on the edge of that moor... I need to know if there's something horrible up there! LOLOLOLOLOL.

Drood I'm hoping to get to this winter, you have me very intrigued and I want to know all this stuff about Collins and Dickens.

I also need to read some more books by Andrew Taylor, lotta people rate him.

It only seems 5 minutes since RIP started! Scary.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

Holy crap, lady, but you kicked butt, huh? And best of all, it sounds like you enjoyed yourself!!! :D Someday I am going to get the courage to try Drood...your enthusiasm over that book has had me intrigued for quite some time. If only it weren't so long... :P

9:13 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Well you did way better than me, mama!!! I managed to actually succeed thi year, but didn't read near as many books as you did nor as many pages as you!! And most importantly, you seem to have enjoyed all of your books :) And that's what counts the most!!! I really do need to read Drood!! If you'll read a book that big twice, then I know it must be damn good! LOL

2:07 AM  
Blogger raidergirl3 said...

I keep wanting to read Drood, but man, 800 pages! It's good to know that it is good enough to read twice.

Well done on the rest of the books as well. You really got into RIP this year. I'm not familiar with most of your books, but RIP are my favorite types of books.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Congratulations on another successful RIP!

10:33 PM  

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