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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Fate of Mercy Alban

The Fate of Mercy Alban by Wendy Webb.

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Hachette Books (February 5, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1401341934



 Amazon Review

Grace Alban has spent more than twenty years avoiding her childhood home, the stately Alban House on the shores of Lake Superior, for reasons she would rather forget. But when her mother's unexpected death brings Grace and her teenage daughter back, she finds more is haunting the halls and passageways of Alban House than her own personal demons.
Long-buried family secrets, a packet of old love letters, and a lost manuscript plunge Grace into a decades-old mystery about a scandalous party at Alban House, when a world-famous author took his own life and Grace's aunt disappeared without a trace. The night has been shrouded in secrecy by the powerful Alban family for all of these years. Her mother intended to tell the truth about that night to a reporter on the very day she died--could it have been murder? Or was she a victim of the supposed Alban curse? Grace soon realizes her family secrets tangle and twist as darkly as the mansion's secret passages.
With the help of the disarmingly kind--and attractive--Reverend Matthew Parker, Grace must uncover the truth about her home and its curse before she and her daughter become the next victims.

Hooray! Finally found a book that is one that has "family secrets" to uncover and not just a murder!

Written in a gothic type of book, this one takes place in a family estate by Lake Superior. True, most of my readings take place in the UK but the sound of this one made me take a chance... and I'm glad I did!  In this book, even the house has secrets!!

I love, where there is a family history to unravel, and Wendy Webb did it very well in this novel "The Fate of Mercy Alban".  There were shocks and surprises right up to the end!   And even a bit of witch-craft, which is another thing that's NOT my thing.   Somehow she made it all work and I found myself only putting the book down because my eyes begin to blur even with my glasses!

Poor Grace Alban.  Coming home after so many years to have to bury her mother. It should have been a rather simple matter. "Should have been", bit it sure wasn't,  it escalates so fast it will make your head spin!  Yep, this is a good read people!  If you like finding out family secrets this is a book you will enjoy.

I have already looked in Amazon to find she has 2 other books out that seem more mystery than murder.. so they went on "ye ol' wish list"!  Hooray, another new author for me.. just what I needed... not!  *grin*


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Like the sound of this one... which state is it? I could read it for my US states challenge. LOL

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