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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

When Maidens Mourn

When Maidens Mourn by C.S. Harris.

Hardcover: 341 pages
Publisher: NAL Hardcover;(November 4, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0451225120


Regency England, August 1812: Sebastian St. Cyr’s plans to escape the heat of London for a honeymoon with his new bride, Hero Jarvis, are shattered when the murdered body of Hero’s good friend Gabrielle Tennyson is discovered drifting in a battered boat at the site of a long-vanished castle known as Camlet Moat. Missing and also presumed dead are Gabrielle’s two young cousins. 

Still struggling to define the nature of their new marriage, Sebastian and Hero find themselves occasionally working at cross-purposes as their investigation uncovers dark secrets at the heart of the Tennyson family and an enigmatic young French lieutenant who is concealing mysteries of his own.

Sebastian and Hero’s race to unmask a ruthless killer and unravel the puzzle of the missing children puts both their lives and their growing love for each other at risk as they’re threatened by powerful men in high places…and by a tall, dark stranger who may hold the key to Sebastian’s own parentage.

Yet another C.S. Harris book.   Poor Sebastian, I don't know  how he survives so many attempts to hurt or kill him lol.  But he's still and interesting character. 

All her mysteries have plenty of characters and lots of reasons why this one or that may have done something, and so why would anyone want to hurt Sebastian or Hero, his partner in crime.

Each book in this series are very easy reading and yet have plenty of twists and turns.. she writes her books so that you surely cannot figure out the ending early in the book.

There are a number or reoccurring characters but I have not read all the books to this point but have no problem following them.  The back story being Sebastians life itself.  His loves, and a mystery about his mother.  All in all.. enjoyable.


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I think my daughter reads these. Must check to see if the library has any.

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