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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sons & Brothers

Sons & Brothers by Richard D Mahoney.

Publisher: Arcade Publishing (1702)
441 pgs.

Since no where could I find a "review".. this is the back of the book.

 Sorry, to have to put such small writing up as a "review" but not even Amazon had a review of this book!  I  have never seen  Amazon not have some sort of review ..even a small one!

So... after I read Rosemary, the Hidden Kennedy Daughter, I thought I would continue with a second Kennedy book and chose Sons and Brothers by Richard D Mahoney.

ummmm.. wow!

I was old enough to be around when Kennedy was in office, so I have some memories of it all. (granted the brain cells are fading!)  But many things in the book "exposing" the brothers of one thing or another, I had heard of. 

I had heard the Joe Kennedy "paid" for JFK to win the presidency. I had heard quite a bit about Joe Kennedy and never cared for him.    I had heard that JFK was a "ladies man". (no surprise there)   I had heard that JFK lived in a lot of pain from his back.   So many things  I knew of.. I just didn't know the who did what, when, where, to whom?. Is the government corrupt?!  LOL.. when I look back and look at things today... In my opinion (which means nothing)  America has gone to hell in a handbag!.......  I don't believe we can be saved any more. But, that's just how I feel.  I am sure many people differently.

Anyway, many small details that went into something happening or not happening were given in this book, if they are all believable .  Many or most I believe, which is partly why I said what I did above.

I never heard or realized just how much Bobby did while JFK was in office... and how many things he did contributed to the demise of both JFK and Bobby.  However, truth be known, I still put the bulk of the blame of so much that happened to this family on the greed for money and power of their father Joe Kennedy.

To me this reawakened a time I cannot say was a joy to live through.  Plans to kill Castro.  Mafia galore. The death of both brothers. (I am sure most of us who were around when Kennedy was assassinated remembers where they were when they heard the news. )   But, though JFK might not have been the best person in the world.. I still believe he did many good things for the American people in the short time he was in office.

Bobby.. he had unreal beliefs.  No one could possible get rid of all the corruption in America.  But he wanted to.  He also wanted to help the poor, of all colors.  

I can't say much more..

This book brought back memories and taught me things I didn't know (behind the scenes).  This was a book for anyone who wants to know more about these two brothers and how they went about things in politics.  It was very hard making strides forward when the "corruption" wanted them dead.   

You don't have to guess who won.


Blogger Cath said...

This sounds like a heck of a good read, Pat. I'll put it on my list 'to get' at some stage.

6:27 PM  

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