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Monday, May 07, 2007

I've had my Fill...

Is it just me? Or is anyone else sick of hearing about poor Paris Hilton?

Hello? This person is 26 years old, not a child by any stretch of the imagination!

And it's not her first offense! *shaking head*

So, tell me why she doesn't deserve to go to jail?

Why is money a reason to break the law?

Why is money a way of NOT going to jail for breaking the law?

Well, I guess ignorance is bliss... but not when you break the law!

Although it wouldn't the the first time someone got away with breaking the law with bribes and payoffs... it's got to stop sometime! (doesn't it?) It's downright scary that I felt I had to ask!

Facing a 45-day jail sentence – and perhaps her first brush with accountability – could be a reality check for Hilton. But regardless of how she handles it, it may make her more popular than ever. "It will actually increase her star appeal in a very sick and demented way," said longtime publicist Michael Levine. (Sandy Cohen: Associated Press)

Wow.. how scary is that!?! What's with the love affair young people have with people like Paris Hilton? Or other celebrities that make big bucks and carry a gun around? Or hero worship those who get away with any sort of the breaking of our laws?

I took some other clips from SANDY COHEN Associated Press........

LOS ANGELES – Paris Hilton is so pampered she doesn't read her mail. "I have people who do that for me," she told a judge. Legal documents and traffic citations elude her. "I just sign what people tell me to sign," she testified.

(I have a blank check I'd like to put in front of her!)

He said Hilton was being truthful when she told a judge she believed – incorrectly, it turned out – that "it was O.K. for her to drive under certain circumstances" under the terms.

(remember she was told to read what she signed, and was asked if she understood it before she left the courthouse)

The 26-year-old hotel heiress, who parlayed her party lifestyle into worldwide fame, told the judge Friday that she didn't have time to talk with her attorneys about her probation. That dismissive attitude is part of her appeal, said veteran publicist David Brokaw.

(no time to talk to her attorneys? duh! To busy working I'm sure!)

"The premise of her fame is being naughty," he said. "This is a career move for her. It simply fuels the fascination. She can only win with this.''

(This is down right terrifying and true!)

Hilton made her first public comments on the sentence to photographers assembled outside her home on Saturday night. "I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don't deserve this," she said as she left for a shopping trip with her mother.

(unwarranted??? Doesn't deserve it???? )

Bad behavior means big publicity for Hilton, Levine said, noting that she wasn't maligned when her homemade sex tape surfaced on the Internet. Instead she became more famous than before.

(what draws our young people to worship this sort of behavior??? I want to know!)

"This is a girl who has total disregard for the rules of our society," Levine said. "And she's been rewarded for it.''

(This about sums it up!)

Time behind bars isn't likely to impart any lessons for Hilton, said West Hollywood psychologist Jeremy Ritzlin. Jail time doesn't equal rehabilitation and the club-hopping Hilton would need extensive therapy to make lasting changes in her life, he said.

(someone with a brain! Once more, scary and true. Scary because she won't do anything to help herself)

Hilton's fans filled her MySpace page with words of support over the weekend. Mintz declined to comment.

(no comment.)

There you have it... and as much as I wish it was the last I'd hear of it, I'm sure it will stay at the top of the NEWS, so that her popularity grows despite the fact that she broke laws and then broke probation. She's been given 3 chances to do something right... there must be a limit to bending over backwards.


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

unfortunately it's true. This will only boost her celebrity status. She'll be the only one in her "circle" with a rap sheet.

i hate to admit this but i actually had a dream about Paris Hilton the other night. I swear, i have no idea how she got in there.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

I don't know anything about her (European safe haven, no TV and no time for celebrities who are famous for being vulgar) and I don't want to.

I don't think young people worship her. I think the media do and want people to believe that young people worship her to create the illusion of having relevant/fashionable information.

This is the sort of thing that makes me hope that there will be a judgement day! The media should go up like a gas station, hopefully.

2:35 PM  

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