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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Me and My Walkin' Stick

This is just a short story about my walkin' stick.  That would be the one I use everyday when I leave the apartment.  You see, I have Scoliosis, Ruptured Disc's,and Sciatica in my lower back. (plus Bursitis in my hip) and since my Heart Surgery and being put on blood thinners I haven't been able to get an epidural  in my back for 4 months now, so I limp and am in a bit of pain.  The Walkin' Stick helps a lot!

Anyway...this first photo is of 3  walking sticks I got on trips but don't use.  They are my souvenirs from my trips with Cathy to the Forests along the East coast.  The little metal things are names of places we went or things we saw re: Blue Ridge Mts.

Now the photo below is the stick I use all the time....

I get comments on it all the time.  All nice comments.. mostly , "Oh, I like your walking stick".

Well, the other day I went with my girlfriend to Target's.  We walked in and I procured a wagon and put my stick in it.  Before I could follow my friend, a man, wearing Jeans and a western shirt and a cowboy hat walked over to me and got very close and softly said, "Don't you leave that wagon ..'cause if ya do I guarantee you that walkin' stick won't be there when you return!"

Luckily for me he was smiling when he said it!

So the moral to this story is that I keep a sharp eye on my walkin' stick wherever I go!!


Blogger Robin said...

It’s a wonderful walking stick! Definitely keep you eyes on it at all times!❤️

1:59 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

What a wonderful story! Love love love all your sticks!

3:43 PM  

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