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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Feeling dumb,dumb, dumb..

Sunday, October 9, 200510:50:00 AM EDT
Feeling Frustrated
Watching a movie: The Other Sister

Another rainy morning, so i decided to use my new Print Shop to make a card for a friend.. ok, the key word in that sentence is "new". I think the version I had before was ..ohhh... maybe version 2, heh, and they are up to version 21! (which is the one i had to get to work on xp)

Why is it that these software companies have to take something nice and simple, that any idiot like myself can work the first time they use it, and have to make them so technically "advanced" that only a super brain (and i sit here with 1 working brain cell left) or tech person can use? It took me over an hour to make one lousy card!! I really hate feeling dumb!

My next "challenge" was to open the new version of cd creator.. once again, the last version i had was version 5 (basic).. once, again any dummy like me could make a cd, or erase one or play one. sigh... all i needed to know was how to erase a rewritable cd.

On the old version you just clicked "cd" which was at the top then clicked "erase". (see even dummies can do that much!) When i couldn't find how to erase i (smartly) opened "help" typed in the word erase and saw a topic saying "how to erase a rewritable cd".. wow! great! this isn't going to be so bad after all!.. WRONG! (why me lord?)

The directions sure were simple enough," In the source pane right click the recorder and choose erase"... oooohkay! One thing is wrong though.. there is no "recorder" to right click on! I right clicked on every icon in the source pane and.. you guessed it.. nothing! sigh.. it's not going to be one of my better days!


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