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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Letter or Two

Well, today I did something I haven't done in a while.. I mailed out two letters for autographs.
I wrote a letter to Meryl Streep and one to Angela Lansbury. There are times you never hear back from those you write to but I hope I hear from these two. But if only one of them responds, I hope it's Angela Landsbury.

Who hasn't seen Murder She Wrote? I bet there's no one out there that, even if they didn't follow it, at one time or another nearly everyone has seen at least a part of one of the episodes. I love the old reruns. There were many people that wanted guest shots on her show and it's always neat to see who's on with her.

The reason I chose to write to Angela Lansbury is because I saw her on a talk show pushing the movie Nanny McPhee, since she has a part in it. Since i watch reruns when they show up I had forgotten how long ago the show was on. She had aged, but gracefully..! I didn't want to miss an opportunity to let her know how much i've enjoyed her over the years.

Something i learned by helping actors at the autograph shows is how much they like hearing that their lifes work was appreciated... and that they aren't forgotten.

When I went to IMDb to research Meryl Streep before writing her , I found out she was born in the same hospital i was!! (5 yrs after me but hey.. she's a small town born gal!)

Sunday night was a good night for television for me (which is rare when more then 1 good thing is on). Early in the evening the History channel was running some story about Bill Shatner (Captain Kirk himself! well, I knew if it was about him it would be about Star Trek too and I might see some pics of DeForest..which i did lol)

After that the History channel ran a program about the making of the original Star Wars series... Ooooooo a chance to see George Lucas! (I don't miss a chance to see him!! heh)

Following that was another show starring Shatner called "How Bill Shatner Changed the World".. with a title like that I had to see it lol. Of course it was about how Star Trek stirred imaginations of many people who in turn developed the cell phone and instruments to do things Dr McCoy did in his Sick bay..

Some will still say Star Trek was a dumb show.. but not to those who it inspired to invent "gadgets" such as cordless phones that led to cell phones...just because they saw a communicator on Trek and then wondered if it could be made "real"!! It was a good show, Bill was actually funny as he hosted the show.

After all the sci-fi stuff on the History channel Grey's Anatomy came on!! (George is so cute..even with his chop job hair cut lol)

I can't remember the last time there was more then one hour in a row of good television worth watching! So, all in all.. a good t.v. night!

As I sit here writing this, the television is on (it's always on for company even when i pay no attention to it) with the news, talking about the Tornadoes parts of the country I grow older I swear it gets scarier and scarier ..not knowing where is even safe to live anymore. I think I just remembered why I hate the News.


Blogger Chris said...

My husband and I both love William Shatner and love to watch him on Boston Legal. Of course, my husband taped the history channel special about William Shatner but haven't watched it yet. Probably this weekend. After we watch my recordings of The Sopranos. lol

5:39 PM  

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