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Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Toby Jack" and Rory Calhoun

DeForest had so many stories to tell that I thought I would post one or two more... Maybe it's my way of sharing what many didn't get to see for their self, and maybe I'm just in the need for some memories.
So, here's another of his famous stories.. this one is from the movie Apache Uprising, released in 1966 and starring: Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvet,J ohn Russell, Lon Chaney Jr., Gene Evans, Richard Arlen, Robert H. Harris, Jean Parker, Johnny Mack Brown,and DeForest Kelley as Toby Jack Saunders.

Once more he stands on stage before a crowd of over 1,000 people as he talks about his acting days as a cowboy....
Apache Uprising..
Oh, boy. Did Rory Calhoun and I get along, she wants to know.
He’s the worst guy in the world. I told them yesterday and I’ll tell you, in Apache Uprising... I did a couple or three films with Rory, and he never stops. He’s very mischievous, and always playing those corny jokes, you know.
I was sitting one day in my chair, waiting for him to come by and join us for a scene or something, and I was reading as he came by and he had a cup of coffee in his hand. He accidentally on purpose tripped. He was with Chill Wills. Coffee poured all over my boots and all up... and he says, “Oh, I’m so sorry, De, I’m so sorry” and he just kept going. Later on in the day, I hear this big sneeze from behind me and I fell this wet on my neck. I look around and there’s Rory. He’s standing there with a coffee cup, he had dipped his fingers in it and sneezed.
I happen to see the maintenance man, who’s cleaning up after the horses. This was in the wintertime. True story. And we had little canvas dressing rooms, with electric heaters in them. We were on location outside. And those little canvas rooms get very warm, very hot. So I went over to the maintenance man and handed him a couple of bucks and I asked him to do me a favor and shovel up a fresh shovel full of that, which he did, and I said, “Follow me.” So we walked into Rory’s dressing room and it had a little bitty closet, you know, just a little curtain in front of it, and I took the electric heater and placed it... well away, but toward the closet. And here was this beautiful sport coat hanging there and flannel trousers. And we placed that fresh manure in there. Fortunately, I got off at 3:30 that afternoon, and Rory was still working; he had not been back to his dressing room.
Next morning, I’m doing a fight scene in a corral, and I’m on the ground. This guy’s holding me down and I look up and I see Rory coming after me. I said, “Let me up! Let me up!” I leaped over that corral, and he grabbed me by the back, and he said, “You little son of a bitch!” He’s a big, husky guy. He said, “I had to go on Art Linkletter’s show last night.” He said, “I had to take those damned clothes and take them off in the front of my house and drop them on the porch and go in and get showered and rush back.”
He never played another joke on me.


Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

I met DeForest Kelley at a Star Trek convention in Hunt Valley, MD a few years before he died (late nineties -- 96 or 97, maybe?). He was very nice and pleasant and I'm glad I had the opportunity to shake his hand.

8:34 PM  
Blogger TJ said...

I am so laughing..the many faces of of funny! Those drawing ae great too! Thanks ftr your cheerleading...I hope to ;ive maybe if someone doesn't shoot me first!
Love TJ

6:42 AM  

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