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Thursday, June 22, 2006

LifeTime Achievement..

I think I know why I didn't sleep well last night.
It had a lot to do with watching AFI's Tribute to Sean Connery for two hours!! Oh, help me but he's still "got it"! (woof!)
I was glad to see them give him a Life Achievement Award, and totally enjoyed seeing clips from most of his movies, though I did think they over did the James Bond films. They were great to be sure, but they totally left out mention of "The Wind and the Lion" and never saw one photo from The Medicine Man or Finding Forester. Three of his movies that I dearly love! I noticed they also left out A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I will admit that I think he looked his absolute "finest" when he did Hunt for Red October though. That movie alone created, for me, many "hot flashes" ..heh.. well.. sorta anyway.
Of all the speakers they had for Connery I thought their choice of the person to speak of Connery's distinct voice was about as good as it gets. Who better to be able to talk about "that special something in a voice," than James Earl Jones!
Yes, Sean Connery had some of the best up there talking about his career.. and well he should! I think Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were there to truly honor him but also to make mention that Indiana Jones's dad is needed for one more movie.. after which, Harrison Ford arrived on stage and started his talk by looking at Connery and saying one simple word: "Dad". Now that brought a smile to my face and hope in my heart that indeed they will get that last Indy movie made and "dad" will be in it along with Harrison!! (oh yeah, oh yeah!.. doing the happy dance here!)
The couldn't have picked a better actor to award the Life Time Achievement to if you ask me... all too soon I see actors of his caliber gone from the silver screen forever. Not that there are very good actors out there.. but they don't have whatever it is that the old time actors had, I see Sean Connery and Harrison Ford as the last of their breed... ahhh but what a breed they are!!

"Ahhhh, baby he's still got it!.........."
(here's a few links in case you want to read more about the Award Show:)
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Blogger Charles said...

I hope that he does do the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. I am looking forward to it. The reason they didn't mention The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was because of the controversy surrounding the film.

They said that it was nothing like the comic book and that they made it more simplistic for the "general public" (Action Adventure).

That and it didn't do so well at the box office. I really liked that film.

4:45 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

I like League of extraordinary Gentlemen too Charles.. and I have it on dvd to prove it!!

I really hope they start filming the last Indy movie soon!! I keep watching for news that they are.

5:10 PM  

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