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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Times gone by..

Way back, last November, I wrote about When I was 10 Years Old, and a radio show that led me to write to "my first Hollywood love", Turhan Bey.

Gregg Hunter

If you were to hear that radio show today, one might think it would be just "old folks" calling in and talking about the "old movies and old actors", but to tell the truth there were quite a few Movie Buffs of all ages that would be regular callers.

I know I touched on the fact that I wished there was some sort of radio or television (with all the cable channels anything is possible) that still covered the older movies and especially the growing number of older actors, that seem to be leaving us left and right.

I can remember that on occasion, on Gregg's radio show, one of the actors or actresses would call in their self and talk to Gregg. ( I even tried to get DeForest to call in since he loved the show so much, but he never did. He always had a hard time talking about himself... many times he stated that the reason he didn't write a Biography was because he couldn't deal with "I, I, I" all the time. He was just a shy, very private person).

Now that we seem to be having another group of celebrities passing.. I find myself wishing there was a real radio or television show where they told some of their fabulous stories, and people could call in and ask questions, or just plain speak to someone they admired for oh so many years. I know it would excite the caller... and I feel sure the celebrity would feel really good inside knowing that they aren't forgotten.

With this in mind I have a request for anyone reading this: (make that 2 requests!)

Name one of your favorite actors or actress's that you would love to meet. Then tell me what question you would ask of them. Leave your answer in comments or do a post about them and come here and leave a link so we can all read it.


Blogger Chris said...

Dolly Parton (hey....she qualifies for 9 to 5, Talk Radio).

My question would be, how much of your image is real and how much is an act?

My wife LOVES her. I think she is a master at media manipulation.

5:37 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I remember him well...Met him a couple of times and he did an interview once when one of my plays was on...In fact I was on his show from some Chinese Restaurant!

Ans BTW: It was TWO HOURS and Twenty Minutes, for the third outage! We are in the triple digits here....HELP!!!!!!

9:20 PM  

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