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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Magician's Gambit (book 3)

The Belgariad: book III

Magician's Gambit: by David Eddings

The God Aldur (Belgarath's master) summoned Belgarath and the others back to the Vale, where Belgarath's tower still stood.
We get to meet Belgarath's twin brother's Beltira and Belkira and the ugly, misshapen, dwarf, Uncle Beldin; who remains dirty and unkept and in a way not understood by the companions, insults Polgara. In turn she throws insults back until the two hug in total laughter. "He is beautiful beneath the ugliness, she tells Ce'Nedra. Looks are not all that counts."
During the time in the Vale, Belgarion begins to understand some of his power. But not without problems.
From the Vale they journey to the land of Ulgo and meet with the Gorim beneath the mountain. The God Ul comes and commands one of his own, named Relg, to do Belgarath's bidding and help the company to steal the Orb back where it belongs. For safety reasons Ce'Nedra is left in the care of the Gorim while the others go in search of the Orb.
Danger seems to come in many forms and in any direction they take as they continue towards Rak Cthol and the Orb and a battle between Belgarath and Ctuchik.
All the while Belgarath continues to gather parts of the Prophecy around him. By the end of book three he believes he has all that he needs: the pure and innocent child that carries the Orb (Errand)..
The Hope of the World (Garion)
The Nimble Thief (Silk)
The man with 2 lives (Durnik)
The Blindman (Relg)
The Dreadful Bear (Barak)
The Knight Protector (Mandorallan)
The Horse Lord (Hetter)
Queen of the World ( Ce'Nedra)
Mother of the Race that Died ( Taiba)
But the chances of War are still at hand.............
I can't remember when I have read 759 pages so quickly ! (Part II made up of just 2 books: The Castle of Wizardry & Enchanters End Game is nearly as long!) These books are so good and so exciting you just can't set them down!!
And the characters! You just keep learning more and more about each of them, and every time you do you begin to feel that much closer to actually knowing them. You begin to worry, that maybe this time they won't get thru the problems they are facing. You begin to care. ... a dangerous thing to do when they are in such turmoil and danger!
Now on to Part Two: Castle of Wizardry and Enchanter's End Game...


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