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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Week…

** well one good thing that happened last week was that I “got dah boid”…and it’s chillin’ in the freezer!


(actually it’s now residing in the refrigerator slowly defrosting for Thursday. I will be alone again on Thanksgiving so I am only cooking “da boid” with stuffing and making a pot of gravy.  I also have a can of cranberry sauce..which is more than enough for me! (and then of course I get to make yummy Turkey Soup, mahhh favorite!)

**(allowing myself for follow Debi’s lead…) On each Wednesday, all afternoon and into the evening, on one of the higher cable channels they show reruns of Castle!!!  I loovve Castle! and considering the new episodes come on at 10 pm until 11pm ..and considering I often fall asleep before the show is over, this is a great thing!  I actually have seen many “complete” episodes !!!!  The new ones are great too.. I love the writers of that show who write the comedy parts for Fillion!

*** I finished reading Bleeding Heart Square.. it was good! 

**I received a few new books but the one I *squealed* over is “The Hobbit” movie guide!

hob1-1[1] How I love, love, love Ian McKellan as Gandalf!! (and as many other characters he has played, but Gandalf will always be my favorite!)  Now I will always wish I could get some signatures in the book the way I managed to get some in the other guilds to Lord of the Rings!

** Mornings have been cool so that I have been able to take my mile walk around the pond as I listen to The Village People singing the loooong version of “In the Navy”!  Great pace for walking!  However cool it is still a tad humid… which allows me to take pictures of the water droplets on the plants outside.


** The pipe break and water has all been fixed… I finally got to put all the stuff away that I had to move for them to suck up the water in my dining area…

messfromflood2[1] (that was no fun lol)

But that’s all over now and in just a few days this apartment will smell gloriously like Cookin’ Turkey! Yummmmmmmm…

Meanwhile, Boo is trying very hard to sleep straight through until Turkey Day so that he can beg *piteously* for his fair share all day long!



Blogger Helen said...

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving Pat. Last year Ken and I were just us and I didn't do anything special. This year hopefully Mira will be coming if her back holds out from planting so many Pansies yesterday. She will be bring Callie my granddog poodle. I will be glad to see her since I have only seen her once.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

That's a great looking turkey, enjoy and also enjoy the soup you'll no doubt make from the bones!

Not long to The Hobbit now. Don't know if I'll go and see it in the cinema, depends on the 3d thing I suppose. I don't really want to wait for the dvd before I see it.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

That is a lovely turkey, I hope you enjoy cooking it, and the wonderful smell of it, Pat. That and the cranberry sauce and the gravy, and you have the whole reason to have a turkey and the best of Thanksgiving! lol It's wonderful that you have your apartment back, no more flooding.

Oh that Hobbit film looks very interesting. Less than a month to go until the movie now! Enjoy flipping through it, Pat. Lots to be thankful for!!

12:14 AM  

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