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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Books For the Month of May

Wow!  I actually read 7 books in May!!!  That’s a lot for me!   The down side is that many of them were not exactly “big” books.   But hey.. still.. this is great for me!


Four of them: The Apothecary, Jarka Ruus, The Tanequil and Straken were all for Once Upon a Time. The other 3 are actually “reality” books.  Exiles in Hollywood is about actors that were exiled from their countries and came to Hollywood.  Dear Mrs. Kennedy is letters written to Jackie Kennedy after JFK’s assassination, and Chekov’s Enterprise is Walters account of making the movie Star Trek the Motion Picture.  The two not shown, The Apothecary and Exiles in Hollywood I sent out for friends to read.

21. The Apothecary...................Maile Meloy    (384 pgs)
22. Jarka Ruus.......................Terry Brooks   (416 pgs)
23. The Tanequil.....................Terry Brooks   (357 pgs)
24. Straken..........................Terry Brooks   (368 pgs)
25. Exiles in Hollywood..............David Wallace  (266 pgs)
26. Dear Mrs Kennedy.................Jay Mulvancy   (240 pgs)
27. Chekov's Enterprise..............Walter Koenig  (222 pgs)


I guess it was right timing to read Chekov’s Enterprise and then wind up going to see the new Trek movie “Into Darkness”.. 4 times.  *sigh* then I came home and watched the first JJ Abrams Trek movie!   I’m guessing I will soon move on and watch the 6 original cast movies… it’s been a while since I’ve done that.  Actually, it’s a bit hard on me doing that because I never seem to stop missing DeForest and Carolyn.  Once I watch him for a while on tv  then  I start feeling sorry for myself because they are no longer in my life.  Such is life.  But it doesn’t get any easier.

I was nearly finished with yet another book for Once Upon a Time but June 2nd happened before I completed it.  However, that one makes 12 books for Once Upon a Time!


Blogger Debi said...

Seven books is certainly nothing to sneeze at! That's how many I got read too, and I'm damn happy about it! :)

5:54 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

Usually 7 books would be a good month for me too and like Debbi I would be very happy about it. How I came to read 11 this month I've no idea. Although they were, as you said, mostly easy reads. And 12 for OUaT is fantastic. I have 8 so far and am very happy about that too.

5:06 AM  

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