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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One more adventure of Spin & Marty

Wednesday, October 12, 200510:13:00 AM EDT
Feeling Silly

I couldn't get Spin and Marty out of my mind all day yesterday. I guess i took a little trip down "memory lane", remembering when I met them.

Actually, something happened after we met. I got this "brain storm" (that's back when i had a brain) to write to Harry Carey Jr. (who played Bill Burnett, the head of the camp) and send him a copy of the photo i had taken of Tim and David.

I didn't think too long when i searched to find out how i could write to him and found an address. I wrote him a letter and sent the photo. I think I told him how i loved Spin and Marty and thought he might enjoy seeing "the boys" as they look now. I also told him about the autograph show where I got to meet them

Anyway.. not too long later i get a note back from Mr. Carey thanking me for the photo and saying he was going to try to come to the show!! OOOOkay.. now i had to write to David or Tim and let "them" know in hopes they would do the show again. Which i did. Low and behold 6 months later when the show came around again who was there but Spin and Marty..AND!.. Harry Carey Jr!! I couldn't beleive it! It was so good to see them smiling and chatting with each other about "the old days"! The whole thing turned out great.. I got a hug from Mr. Carey and.. heh.. and.. yet another hug from David Stollery! (heart be still! hahaha) Gosh, that made me wish I was a kid again with a crush on "Marty"!

Anyway, I thought i'd finish up the "saga" of Spin and Marty for ya.. and for me.. I still get a smirk on my face when i think of it all. One of those memories you just never want to forget.. and i doubt i will.

Here's a picture of Harry looking much like he did in the Spin and Marty days.. and a Photo of David, Harry & Tim at their "reunion".

I'm glad i had this memory to work with for the journal today.. it's yet another rainy day here in New Jersey.. this makes 6 in a row.. Enough already!

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be stilll my heart, too

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