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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Last Day..

Today is the last day of November...
...and today is the last day for the Turkey carcuss!

Mmmmmmmmm, I smell the turkey soup even upstairs in my room. I love, love, love Turkey soup! Even better then the Turkey dinner last Thursday lol.

As you may or may not know I live with my brother and David and their 9 cats. When cooking the turkey, and now again when cooking the turkey soup.. can you say the word "trip"? With every move I make in the kitchen I trip over a cat! Gee.. i can't imagine why! There is something about the smell of Turkey that send each and every one of these cats into a state of wooden stares up at me as if they do not wish to be ignored. Heh. like who can ignore the fact that i can't move!!

Quietly they wait... and wait... and wait. Somehow they know when i am taking the bones out of the broth to pick them clean. They move in yet closer. Now i get the occasional tapping on my leg, and i can hear Stinkey in the background meowing pitiously! *groan* Just let me get thru this !

There is an ocassional "smacking" of each other as they each try to be the one closest, thinking that will mean that they will be the one to get the first scrap. Boo Boo is now standing on two legs reaching for the countertop, Jr. is squeezing his slender body between my legs.. and Stinky is still out the outskits sounding like a lost soul. The girls wait patiently.

I finally get the meat off of the bones, burning my fingers only slightly..heh. Now the trick is to reach the pot without tripping over a cat and giving them exactly what they are hoping for!
The Turkey reaches the pot safely and the crowd at my feet are beginning to get nasty lol.

Ooookay... Oooookay... I toss the first scraps as far away from me as i can and the crowd goes wild! Quickly i scatter more scraps and try to clean up as fast as i can to get out of the kitchen in one piece.
(the culprits)
When all is done and I am safely back in my room I begin to smell the soup....... Oooooh... now I get it! Now i know why the cats go crazy!.. Now it's MY turn to have to wait.. and wait.. and wait!


Blogger betty said...

cute cats!! Wow;nine of them, I can't imagine.

I bet that soup was good :)


1:29 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Holy Mother of God. 9 cats. I can't even imagine, I don't know if I want to imagine such a thing. VERY cute pics, but ALL In the SAME house?!! Yeah, I'd be trippin on them, while I'm sneezing, rubbing my eyes, and gasping for air (I'm allergic, lol)

The part about waiting for the soup == oh yeah! I know totally what you mean. It is SOOOOO GOOD!! I feel healthier with every bite.

love, anna

8:34 PM  

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