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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Writer's Question...

Writer's Weekly Question #7: Is there one character that you have created that is truly you and not just a "shard?" What makes that character totally you and where does that character fit into your fiction?

Oh wow! did that question push the right button or what?!! lol..Though I have only written one story (my Kesterwood Trilogy) and do NOT consider myself a writer by any means. I found this question one I had to respond to.

First, let me say that i had heard and been told many times that writing is therapudic, and since I have alot of depression I tried to write. But just writing how I felt was not cutting it for me, so when one day someone suggest to "write a short story" I began to write. My short story wound up two years later as what i like to call "my trilogy" of fantasy/ fiction.

Having said that and then reading this weeks writer's question put up by: I had to respond!

One of my main characters in my story is "Lilith". When i began to write I had decided to give her alot of "my problems" and "my feeling" so that I could understand her and know how she would respond at all times. It worked well.

I always knew how she would respond and EXACTLY what she would say. Until.. the end of book 2. Before I began book 2 I knew my beginning and ending of that part of the story. So I wrote it. When i came to the end of book 2 I was "lost", now i can't say exactly "why" because that would give away a big part of my books, but i can say what happened at the end of book 2 would wind up "helping" Lilith in ways that I have not been helped.. so she was no longer "me,: in many ways she was now "on her own" and i had to think "outside" of my own feelings and hopefully make her what i "wished i could be". Not an easy task I'll tell you that much! I sat with a blank page for a number of weeks before I could go on with the story.

So... I went on but not without wondering if i was doing her justice or not. But i do wish I could be more like what she is "as of today"... if that makes any sense to anyone.

I guess that's it.. at least all i can think of right now with this tired, one celled brain of mine lol..

(below.. Lilith ..well, attempted artwork by me lol)

In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wingspans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag.


Blogger Journally Yours, Gem ;-) said...

I'm here! LOL! whew! I found my way around this blogspot land I tell ya! Too many yield signs..but in time..I'll learn where to take short cuts!
oh..thank you so so much for helping me with my html sidebar. After receiving that code from you..I played around online more a little bit. I just couldn't stop..I had to know! I have to have the side bar now! LOL! I stumbled upon Judith Heartsong in which I don't remember how...but I saw all her journal lists then I went to Jimmy's (stupidsheetguy)then I saw he had the same look and same lists! so I went to "view source" and studied the html layout. I went from there. You can see that I have my instant lists of blogspot journals link.
And my housework?'s not done!
I love this entry here btw. I love that created it? wow!
and the story of Lilith..I'm sitting on the edge. I'd love to start from the beginning....
ok..I'll be back!
Gem :-)

9:37 PM  

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