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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Long time ago..

Once upon a time.. long long ago.. (sounds familiar huh? heh)

Last Vet's day I mentioned my brother had been in the Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crises. After that was over he went from the Azores to Michigan. When he was there he made friends with some fellow AF guys that he felt badly for because they didn't get a lot of mail. He asked them if they would like to write to his "little sister", who at that time was 16 yrs old. I think his buddies hesitated because the little sister was so young.

Soooooo, when my brother came home on leave he dawned me in his dress uniform jacket and high heels and took the pictures below:

About a week after his return to Michigan I began getting mail! heh.. I don't know how those photo's got around but beside AF guys I got mail from a Marine and one in the Navy!

One of his buddies I remember well. His name was (I say was, only because I lost contact with him after a while) Freddie. Now, Freddie was Italian.. and dang proud of it! His letters were hysterical! He wrote in "broken english" as if he had an Italian accent. Some words were even spelled phonetically to get the point across. He was the one i wound up writing to until he was released from the AF. His stories were things comedies are made of. How I wish I had those letters now.

After his release, my brother, mother and I went to visit him in Conn. for Thanksgiving... I don't know how his life went but it was a time to remember writing to the men in the service.

By the way.. scroll back and look at the tall photo.. get a load of that television! I'm betting most reading this never even saw a television with knobs!! So, let me take a moment and explain "knobs".. Knobs were before cable, Knobs were before a zillion channels, Knobs were when you had to get off your butt and go change the channel MANUALLY! (oh *shudder*! )

Sometimes what's in the background of an old photo is more interesting then the actual subject!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sometimes what's in the background of an old photo is more interesting then the actual subject!"

Well, maybe sometimes. But the "actual subject" of this photo is pretty darn interesting herself--I really am enjoying this blog! You've got a great life history.


1:25 PM  

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