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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tattoo (no not Fantasy Island)

On more then one occasion I've been asked if they are seeing a tattoo on my arm.. why yes it is! (it's not easy taking a picture of your own shoulder !)

And no, I wasn't drunk as a teenager and woke one morning with a tattoo..

I was actually in my 30's when I got this Tattoo and I was stone cold sober! My X and I went on our motorcycles to a tattoo parlor and got the same tattoo. Actually it was ONLY the little butterfly (you wouldn't believe the price of tattoos!!). Not long after we got them a neighbor bought a tattoo "gun" and was learning how to give Tattoo's.. we volunteered for him to put the flowers around the butterfly.

In case you are wondering, no I'm not sorry I got the tattoo.. even wish I had a second one, but first there's the very costly price, and now that I am old and wrinkled who would want to see a bright new tat on wrinkled skin? sigh.

I remember when I got the tattoo.. my mother was babysitting my kids. We came home and after taking off our coats (it was in the fall) I announced to my mother that we had gotten tattoo's and proudly showed her my butterfly. She sat there a moment not saying a word and then smiled and said, "Oh, I get it you had someone draw it there with colored pens"..

"Umm, no ma.. it's a real tattoo"

"well why the H*ll would you go and do that?"

"'Cause I wanted to?"

"Good lord..." she sighed. Eventually she accepted the fact it was real lol.

Just for the record, yes, it hurts to get a tattoo. But not so painful that I wouldn't have gotten another if i could afford it. I never would "cover my body" with them, but I would have liked a small unicorn..

I've looked and looked and just can't find a picture of my motorcycle. It was only a 360 Honda, complete with saddlebags which my X and I custom painted with murals that we did ourselves. I hope someday i can find the picture i know is around, but my X might have it somewhere or tossed it, who knows.


Blogger Virenda said...

You keep surprising me Deslily, I never knew. I have butterfly and writing on my ankle and I want another badly, and like you I wouldnt cover my body but I do want another one. Love the butterfly and flowers. :0) If getting a unicorn makes you happy then who cares if your skin is more wrinkly now then when you were 30, go for it.

2:16 PM  
Blogger ckays1967 said...

Paula sent me here...

I have a butterfly on my bottom. With some rather un-nice words.

Something about kissing something...I was kinda young or angry or I don't know.

Maybe I was drunk.

Ya, that's it.

2:03 AM  

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