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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Day Away..

I didn't realize when I wrote my post about the Challenger that what I was going to write before that was "Spacey" too.. well.. sorta... kinda.. ok, so it's just "pretend space".

Isn't she beautiful? Nichelle Nicoles.. remember her? That's Uhura from the original Star Trek. I was at an autograph show all day yesterday and Nichelle was there. We talked quite a bit, first about my friend and hers, DeForest Kelley and Carolyn, and then about acting in general and how it was for her in the beginning. I stayed around and listened to some of the fans that came up to her. Every single one of them managed to say one thing the same.. gosh, you're beautiful! And she is! She is 72 yrs old now.. unbelievable! She looks about 55.. I think I hate her! hahahaha.

Another that was at the show who I had never met before is Robert Picardo.

He was the holographic doctor in Star Trek Voyager. What a really nice man he was to meet. I did talk with him a little too about some years ago in Alabama at the 30th anniversary of Star Trek. Many Star Trek people were there and 6 of the original Astronauts. It was sort of funny... the actors were in Aww of the Astronauts, and the Astronauts were in Aww of the Actors!.. go figure huh?!

All in all it was a nice day. The weather was very UNlike January weather in New Jersey and I got out of the house! That only happens when there's a show because I can only go somewhere alone when David is not working so that someone is home with my brother. I get out about 3 times a year.. so, needless to say.. I look forward to it! I think the next show is June.

Until then... say goodnight Pat... "Goodnight Pat".


Blogger Patrick said...

What a great opportunity! I'm glad you got to meet Uhura. She's one I'd like to meet as well. And she seems to have aged the least of all of them.

I have been lucky enough to meet William Shatner, George Takei and the late, great James Doohan. I'll never forget the chance to spend a few moments one on one with "Scotty."

De Kelley was my favorite of the Star Trek actors, with Doohan as a very close second. I regret never having the chance to meet him in person.


6:53 PM  
Blogger emmapeelDallas said...

I agree with Patrick, what a great opportunity, and I also agree with you - yep, she's GORGEOUS!



1:59 PM  

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