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Saturday, February 18, 2006

One Week into the Olympics..

Whenever the Olympics are on I am glued to the television.. I'm not a sportsminded person but there's something that just draws me into the Olympics, be it Winter or Summer.

SometimesI wonder about the newscasters, sigh. Why do they harp on the bad and barely mention the good?

Poor Lindsay Jacobellis of the womens snowboarding team...
Did she or didn't she hot-dog?Lindsey Jacobellis, leading near the finish line, got up to take second in snowboardcross after a tumble.

The kid made a mistake and the one feeling the most pain is Lindsay herself so why not be nice and downplay it instead of harping on it? The poor kid got caught up in a moment of excitement and did something she would probably never do.. but she did. I hope the media finally drops it so she can at least feel good that SHE DID MEDAL!

Then there's Emily Hughes..

Talk about pressure: Seventeen-year-old Emily Hughes jumps on a plane to fly to Italy to take Michelle Kwan's spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

Between the fact her sister won at the Olympics and Michelle Kwan decided it was best if she didn't compete, they pounce on the kid. Obviously, she's a good skater or she wouldn't be where she is.. but secretly, I still wish we could see Kwan one last time.

The last one to hit the news in a big way is Belbin and Agosto who are sixth, at the moment. I don't remember seeing what they all did last night, the same Waltz.. I know I wear glasses but.. lol.. they all looked pretty much the same to me! I'm not sure what that was supposed to prove?? (yep, I am more then sure that i don't like the new scoring system)

Americans Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto were sixth, but a slim margin separates the top group of skaters. Belbin and Agosto are just 1.42 points out of first place, which means the USA still has a serious shot at its first Olympic medal in ice dancing in three decades.

I grew up in a small country town (wish i still lived there!). In the winter, the fact that there was still land without buildings on it, made it so that any standing water that froze became a place for kids to meet and ice skate.

I wasn't very good .. if someone could earn medals for nearly skating on your ankles I'd have "gold" for sure hahaha.

I wonder if there are still ponds that draw kids to them in the winter to skate and have fun? Anymore, there isn't open property around here and the sight of kids skating is something you don't see unless you pay money to go to an ice skating rink. Whatever happened to "free fun"?


Blogger Celeste said...

Hey! Just popping in to try to catch up. I'm SUCH a Winter Olympics junkie! I agree...poor girl! It looked to me like she was doing a bit of pre-emptory celebratory showboating myself. ;) C.

11:36 PM  

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