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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another day..

Today is Thursday.. only four days after 24 inches of snow fell in New Jersey. You wouldn't believe what it looks like outside.. the snow is disappearing so fast it's hard to believe it even happened! I can't ever remember a blizzard that disappeared so fast. Tomorrow we are to have 50 degrees, and the day after rain.. it will all be gone!

I'm not complaining!! Nooooooo no, no, no...! This winter has been so unusual, I've had no real complaints! We've had it very mild and when it does snow it's gone fast. Sure can't ask for anything better. Ok, well I could ask to live in Florida or some other warm state, but as winters go, this one (so far) has been the best I've ever been through.

I am changing the subject here... has anyone besides myself been reading Michael Weis's blog about the Olympics? (here's the address: ) You may or may not know that Michael barely missed out on going to the Olypics. Evan Lysacek, Matt Savoie, and Johnny Weir were the lucky ones in the Mens Figure Skating that made it instead. Michael is another of the top skaters, and I think doing this blog is a really nice thing to do considering he must be hurting that he didn't make it there himself. You may want to check out his daily blog if you miss any of the skating.

One thing that bothered me when reading his blog. One of the people commenting. There's always someone ready to jump in and put a damper on things. This one person made me feel pretty bad about myself.. not that I don't feel that way already, but I sure don't need reminders.
They talked about Michelle Kwan as a "has been" and "should not have even gone to the Olympics".. I think they said something like, "step aside and let the younger skaters take over." My mind cried at that moment, because that person, and many like them feel the same way about "old people". "Why don't they die and leave things to the young folks". Humph... don't these people realize that one day THEY will be that old person?? What is it with much of the young generation that makes them not want the elders of their family with them for as long as possible??

I loved my Nana. We had no choice but to put her in a nursing home when she broke her hip. But we never...NEVER, missed a weekend going to visit her. Letting her know we loved her, and wished she was with us. I can even remember making friends with another older lady there.. I was only about 9, when she taught me how to play the "string game". That's where you make these strange string things with your fingers and the next person has to take it off in such a way as to make yet another design with it. (wanted to show it but found i couldnt take a photo while both hands held string lol.. so i did a quick sketch ..)

The USA certainly does not treat their elders as some countries do, where their elders are taken care of (total medical) and looked up to as people with the knowledge of having lived a long life. (kids actually WANT their parents with them!) I wonder why we mean so little here in the land of opportunity? Maybe "opportunity" gets in the way of family life as it used to be? I don't know the answers.. i wish i did.

Anyway.. got way off the subject there.. I hope others are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!! It looks like we are winning a good share of those medals! Watch them while you can... it will be over before we know it and then it's 2 more years until the Summer ones begin.


Blogger betty said...

we used to call that string game (and we played it with yarn) cat's cradle; fun! Brings back memories

You are right; we don't treat our elderly the way we should in our country. They are often forgotten, living in poverty; choosing between food or medicine or heating. Very sad.

I'm enjoying the Olympics when I watch them; not enjoying some of the commentators, though.


1:57 PM  
Blogger emmapeelDallas said...

I loved my grandmother so much, too. I think it was because she loved me more than anyone else loved me, and that felt so good. I agree with you, we don't honor the elderly...we don't even see them most of the time, and that's a shame.


11:42 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I used to play with string like that when I was a kid too. There was a goal in the trick that I was taught, but I don't remember what it was. We also had this thing where we folded paper in a way, so you could right on it, and have your friends pick the numbers and letters to find the answer they seeked LOL.

I haven't really watched the Olympics, when I found out that Michell Kwan got injured I lost interest.

10:14 AM  

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