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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ready, Set.. Gotcha!

I am going to take today to prepare for Wednesday's post. Why? Well, Wednesdays post will be "Let the Good Times Roll" hosted by the Round Robin. (

The idea is to post some photo's of "a good time". Easy enough eh? And I have a number of photo's from "a good time" to post that day.

The photo's will be from a GOTCHA, when two friends of mine, Sue Keenan (then president of the DeForest Kelley Fan Club) and Sandy Zier, (then Vice President of the club) Planned and pursued the idea of "getting even" with me and another gal.

The question is: WHY would two such nice people want to do "harm" to me??? I can't think of one reason!

Unless... unless, it may be because when we all attended the Star Trek Conventions (to follow DeForest and watch the other fans drool over him) we had a bit too much time on our hands when we weren't either with De, or watching him on stage.

Too much time? Ummm.. Yeah those things happen at conventions. After all, the guest only is on stage for an hour each day, and there's just so many times you can walk around in the dealer's room looking and watching what prizes everyone is purchasing.

So.. the rest of the time, you are kinda "on your own". Hmmmmmm. What shall we do... What SHALL we do?

Funny, but somehow joking around and pranks jumped into my mind. heh. So, possibly.. just possibly mind you, Sue had a teeny tiny reason for the "GOTCHA" that you will see on Wednesday.

Though, still... we didn't do all THAT MUCH to her!

There was the time though.. (and i wish I had photos here) that we watered down her bottle of wine that she would have in her room for when we all got together... umm, and we did sorta, kinda fill her bathroom with balloons up to the top of the sink so she couldn't even see her toilet. Oh.. and we did leave typed notes on the toilet paper when she finally managed to get there.. heh.

That was one of the better ones we did, if I remember right.. we also short sheeted her bed that time. There was a bit of a flashback for us as we sat in our room waiting for the inevitable phone call to our room when she finally hit the bed and found it short sheeted. As we awaited we remembered something that sent us into hysterics.

Let me tell you, that whenever we wished to "get Sue" we'd go right to the hotel folks and get permission AND entrance into her room to do the dirty deeds. Well this one particular time, they let us in and we did all the balloons and wine and short sheeting and went to hide! heh.. then we got a call from one of the hotel workers saying they had to change Sue's room. Gulp.. we need help! They helped! hahahaha! We gathered up the balloons and we all kicked them down the hall to the new room that would be Sue's. Got the watered down wine, and the typed toilet paper and set it up a second time. It wasn't until "bed time" that we looked at each other and realized that we hadn't UNDONE the short sheeted bed in the original room!! Ummm, so besides Sue, some unfortunate person got a short-sheeted bed, heh.

Then there was a different time I made a cardboard podium and cut out a life sized poster of DR MCCOY and put him behind the podium. I then made signs to hang on the podium and we set that up in Sue's bathroom. (photo's below) You never heard such a scream or shocked noise as when Sue needed the bathroom...heh. The first sign we had on it was "Are you ready for your Exam Sue?"... She came from the bathroom laughing and shaking her head. Innocently I asked, "Something wrong Sue?" Giggling, I think she uttered something like, "I've got to stay away from the wine, I could swear McCoy is in my bathroom". hehehe.. We then brought it out into her room and each time she left the room we'd sneak back and change the sign, so she never knew what it would say next.

Oh yea, then there was the time (..are you beginning to get the picture why she wanted to get even?)... when we made her and DeForest authentic plaques. I thought it was rather nice of us to honor them both with a plaque of love and admiration, don't you?

Ok.. so.. it was more like our way of "apologizing for our behavior at conventions"..yeah right lol..
These plaques consisted of a rather "nice sized" Elephant dung. Ummm, yes, you read right.. Elephant dung! (Which was confiscated from Shambala Preserve). Now, you may not know this but Elephant Dung consists of 99% hay. And like "meadow muffins" when dried they are light as a feather. So we managed to get two PERFECTLY ROUND ELEPHANT DUNGS, dried them out, sprayed with bug spray (just to be sure) and then sprayed with lacquer (wouldn't want them to actually SMELL!).. They were attached to a plaque board and then we purchased a piece of bronze on which we had written "thanks for putting up with all our "shit".. heh.. Appropriate??!! You betcha!!On top of the dung we put two little lady bugs talking to each other.. (see photo below)..

Sue just couldn't begin to express her gratitude ..but there was alot of head shaking again.. she did that alot around me, I wonder why?On the other hand DeForest made "no bones about it" and told the whole convention audience of the plaque we had bestowed upon him!!

There were other things too.. like the time during one of her Fan Club Parties, another gal and myself brought along a Karaoke machine.. We took over her Party singing parody songs about her and Sandy.. voting them for Pres and Vice Pres (tune of zip a de doo dah)

We even made a song about DeForest for all of the club to sing. When DeForest and Carolyn showed up the club members sang it to him (to the tune of hello dolly).. He and Carolyn were nearly brought to tears hearing his fans singing to him.

So, now maybe you have a good idea of what "really" goes on at those Star Trek Conventions..hehehe.. and why Sue did what you will see she did on Wednesdays post.. Boy.. the Good Times sure did roll back then... memories that I'll never forget.... ummm, and neither will Sue!


Blogger betty said...

what a "wicked" girl you are Pat. I love the jokes you played on poor Sue. I'm trying to figure out how you managed to type on toilet paper


9:41 PM  

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