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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well... no use in being "not with it" unless ya show it! I musta been having a Senior Moment (it can't be a blonde moment.. my hair is gray!) Oh! no, no, it's not a Senior Moment... it was a brain fart! Yeah, that's the ticket! A Brain Fart!

That's when you do all the right things and then turn around and screw it up lol..

I made a boo boo down on the entry Hollywood's loss.. sheesh.. I did all the right stuff.. even Googled the right name to get the picture.. then I proceeded to write the wrong name!.. Not just once.. not just twice.. but THREE TIMES! (I have more brain farts then I have brains!) Sigh..
Anyway, finally someone had the courage to point it out to me in an email.. I thought it awfully nice to be discrete about it , thanks

It wasn't Jean Stapleton that passed away it was Maureen Stapleton.. and I knew that! I KNEW IT I TELL YA! grrrrrrrrr lol But I will admit I am horrible with names, and obviously Jeans Stapletons name is out there a lot more than Maureens name since Jean did All In The Family, and is still living and breathing the way the rest of us are. (Sorry Jean.. I didn't mean for you to meet your demise before your time!)

So now it's straight.. On the left is Jean on the right is Maureen and on the bottom is Archie reminding me that my brain was once again in the toilet! heh.


Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Whar freaks me out is that Jean and Maureen aren't related. I was sure I "knew" they were sisters. I thought she even did an All in the Family episode - I rremember a photo of the two of them together. However, IMDb has no such listing. That another memory disproved!


10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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