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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Patrick's Tuesday Two

Tuesday Two - Episode 21


QUESTION A:What is the most exotic animal you've ever actually come into physical contact with? If you've never touched an exotic animal, which one would you most like to touch?


QUESTION B:How do you feel about zoos? Do you think that they are a valuable resource to encourage an appreciation of nature, or a harmful industry that only exploits animals?

Remember: choose one or the other...not both!

This is not even a choice for me since I was so lucky to have volunteered at Shambala Preserve for a few years.

While there I had some contact with a number of exotic animals. The Tiger, Kirby, was amazing and Daisy the Cougar was my personal favorite of the animals that live at Shambala.

To me the one I felt most nervous over was Timbo the Elephant. I know it was just because of his size, but I was nervous anyway. It always amazed me how calm Chris was when he was with his Elephants. It's a true love story between Chris and the elephants.

I've also held a, rather large, albino Burmese Python, petted a Leopard and held a lion cub.
However, the one I think most impressed me (and unfortunately I don't have a photo) was a time a Snow Leopard visitied Shambala. Talk about fur feeling like silk! Gorgeous, gorgeous animal.. that would be my choice for the MOST impressive exotic animal.

The one animal I haven't had a "close encounter" with that I would like to is a Giraffe.


Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Great shots, and a wonderful thing to have done. Like someone ese, I like the tiger shot the best! - Karen

11:03 PM  

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