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Friday, June 23, 2006

Feline Friday

It's "the day of the Kitties"!!!... and what did the 9 cats in this house do that I could take pictures of you ask?..........

They slept!

It's been in the 90's and humid, humid, humid here lately. My room has no air conditioner and i only have a small window fan. The other day it was 91 degrees in my room... below is Peanut, who along with BooBoo Kitty, thinks they own my room.. and my bed. (you can tell it's hot in here when she shows her belly!)

So, I sneaked downstairs with my camera and found Stinkey... once again the heat was winning over those great playing cat shots!

So.. there you have the exciting pictures from "the Cat House"... maybe next Friday will be better.. yah, that's the ticket!

Meanwhile, if you want to play or even if you just want to see more cat pictures.. head on over to (Sometimes) Photoblog and have a look or leave a link.... or both!


Blogger TropicRedbird said...

HAHA ... I had to laugh at Peanut! Stinky even takes nice lazy day pictures!
~ Valorie

12:29 AM  
Blogger Suzanne R said...

Love your shots! The kitties are very sensible. Mine are staying cool, too. :-) Beautiful cats!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

Reminds me of Abby when she's trying to get cool. If she didn't have a hot spot on her belly right now I'd be taking pictures! (She's responding to treatment, but it doesn't look very good.)

3:42 PM  
Blogger Phinney said...

ah, pat, good portraits here, although the poor dears were trying to keep cool!

this summer is too terribly humid already, isn't it?


7:44 PM  

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