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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Wonder of it All

This post is about the book I finished and one I am beginning..
But before I do that, I wanted to mention something... I don't know if it's actually REAL or not, but I had a comment left on a post I did about another book I had read called Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen. It seems that either the author, or someone "claiming" to be him left a comment on my meager blog! In the comment he says:
I've heard the sequel to HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS is supposed to be better... At least, I think the characterizations are stronger!
..and it's signed: James A Owen (the author). I'd love to think it's really him, but I can't for the life of me think of why a busy man (writing his second book to Here There Be Dragons) would or could find my lowly blog. (I don't even use Tags) But, I will say for a few moments it made me smile!
Of course before I tuned into the self doubt, I decided to google his name and came up with a website. Which is very nice indeed, and talks about his present book and the sequel, Search for the Red Dragon, due out in January.
However, I didn't need his comment (if it is him) to already have the second book on a list to watch for it's release.
So... if it was you Mr Owen.. I thank you for stopping by. I love my books, and any contact with their authors is indeed special. I hope someday Mr James A Owen happens to be doing a signing somewhere near.. I'd certainly grab my copy of Here, There Be Dragons to get it autographed!
Ok.. so that was my bit of wonderment... I will always wonder now if it was him! Now.. about the book I just read..
I have to admit... part of why I bought Hatching Magic was the cover art... ummm, and the title.
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 256 pages

ISBN-10: 0689834004

The review of it read as if I'd enjoy the story. (In this friendly little fantasy, three different seekers pursue a lost dragon. And this isn’t just any dragon--her name is Wycca, and she’s a wyvern, the most catlike of the species.) And I guess I did.
Although it's aimed for grades 4-7, I found something that drove me nuts while reading it and wondered if the kids would have the same problem.
You know how if you have a group of characters and they are divided into, let's say, three different places. (one in the city... one in the country... one in a house) Well... as she wrote I'd be reading about Wycca. A new paragraph began and until I read 2 or 3 lines I didn't realize she was now talking about someone else ..that was someWHERE else! She did this often and I even thought I had a handle on it when... bang! I'd get mad that I didn't realize she once again changed who was doing what without any notice. You know.. like "meanwhile...." or "back at the apartment...."... or even begin the paragraph with the name of the other! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. It was rather annoying.
Also I found this book.. ummm, slow?... until the very end of course. (naturally!)
I have been reading many YA books and this one didn't hold up as well as the others. I wouldn't say it bad!.. just not as enjoyable to me (but then it wasn't intended for the Elderly!) ; which isn't to say it wouldn't be more enjoyable to others.
However.. I do have the second book which follows called: The Dragon of Never-Was. Once again the art work and title caught me, so I purchased them at the same time with the intention of a continued read without waiting for a book to come in the mail.

  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
    Hardcover: 320 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0689855710

  • I do have to admit that good cover art and a good title will always grab my attention...
    ... 'till next time....


    Blogger Chris said...

    I wouldn't doubt it if it was really the author of the book who stopped by. I think authors are big fans of book blogs these days. Brandon Mull (author of Fablehaven) stopped by my blog awhile ago and sent me quite a lengthy email! I was so excited.

    Hatching Magic: I hate it when authors do that...switch around that is. An author has to make it very clear to me that they are about to do that or else I get very confused and eventually just lose interest. Glad to hear that the second one is more interesting. The covers are great for both of them! I've never heard of Omar Rayyan, but I like his stuff. Are there illustrations throughout the book?

    And you are so not "the elderly" Deslily! Age is just a number, and you're far from the elderly.

    10:32 PM  
    Blogger Carl V. said... crack me up.

    Very cool if it was the author. They are known to like it when readers are pleased with their work.

    Hope the second book in this series picks up for you and isn't as slow. It is always disappointing when a story doesn't live up to the great expectations you get from the cover.

    11:08 PM  
    Blogger DesLily said...

    Chris and Carl: I did some digging via my site meter and on the day and time Mr Owen left the comment I did find out the comment came from Arizona, and from what I read around the website that's where he's from! That makes it seem like it may have been him!

    The second book is much better..faster.. and I don't seem to be lost so much, so I guess that jumping has improved!

    and yeah.. "elderly".. it's too hard writing the "O" word! (old), heck I"m still hoping I will be around when Stephen R Donaldson writes his third book to the last Covenent series! Book 2 of his comes out in October..then he has 36 MONTHS to do the last installment! Was a time 12-16 months and a new book would be released!

    7:49 AM  
    Anonymous Jeff said...

    I don't know how it happened, but you slipped out of my bloglines. Strange. I thought you stopped blogging. Sorry for my unintentional absence.

    11:43 AM  

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