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Friday, August 31, 2007

Mr Vegas Dances?

Dancing with the Stars announced their dancers for this season...

One of them is the one and only Mr Vegas, Wayne Newton. He is their token "older person".

But I am going to have difficulty watching this.. and the reason is? Because I've loved Wayne Newton since I was very young. Back when it wasn't "in" to like a clean cut young man with an unusual voice singing (of all things) Danka Shoen.

But still, this slightly chubby young man won my heart back then...

I continued to love his singing and the wonderful things always said about him, and his performances as he took over Vegas.

During the years I lived in Florida (and worked at Sears), some of us got together and went south to see him in person! I can admit his audience was NOT full of young people (well.. we were in Florida after all!). But that did not stop him from giving his show his all !.. he was MORE than fabulous! I couldn't take my eyes off of him! I knew then that there really was something magical about him.. something very magnetic, that you couldn't not notice.

But I guess the fact he was in the public eye all his life.. or vanity.. or.. or who knows why, but Mr Newton's face changed. (wild guess it's called plastic surgery). And it actually hurts me to look at him now. Try as he may to smile, as he always does, and give his all.. which he never stops doing, I feel like I lost him somewhere along the line.

Do I still love his voice? You betcha! Do I still think he's a performer to beat most all performers? No doubt about it. But I can't help wishing he let himself grow older along with the rest of us. I have no doubt he'd be handsome without the "plastic look" that seems to have happened to him. If it's possible, I miss what should have been.

Now.. as for Dancing With The Stars... oh boy. It will be hard for me to watch.

As for his chances.. I think he will pull off some good dances, especially things like the Waltz. There's no denying rhythm is part of this man. But he is the token "old person".. and I don't know that he's ever tried to dance they way they make these folks dance. (which btw.. is NOT the normal dancing!)

So I sit here torn. Just the name Wayne Newton conjures a smile on my face... but at the same time.. I kinda wish he didn't offer to do this sort of show.


Blogger Chris said...

I get ya. It's kind of watching Michael Jordan when he came back from retirement the last time....except if instead of basketball, he was doing the Ironman, right? :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!
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