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Monday, August 20, 2007


Ten days of Horror. How would you like to have to wait through 10 days of anxiety over a piece of mail?

This is what happened...
When I visited my son recently in Florida he mentioned some of his "baby photos".. I told him I had ALL his baby pictures in one album. From the time he was born until about the age of 14. (when he decided he wasn't thrilled having his picture taken). 
So of course, being a good mom.. I said I would mail the album to him. Which I did. I sent it priority mail, which they said, would get there in 2 or 3 days. On the same day I mailed out Chris's package for winning my contest. (not priority)
Three days later Chris let me know he received his package. My son did not receive his package. It was a Saturday, so I figured ..not a big deal it will arrive there Monday.

Monday came and went. No photo album. Tuesday and Wednesday went by.. no package. I began to get really upset. These were the only photo's I had of my son from birth!

I called him or emailed him each day.. to no avail. I called the main post office here in Orange. They told me exactly what I expected. No tracking number? We can't do a thing. (by the way.. I was told when I mailed it that there were no tracking numbers unless the package was sent Express. ) 
Over my long life, I've had packages lost ..some from me.. others to me. Even with tracking numbers ..none were ever found.. NEVER.. EVER FOUND. Not a one!

On that Friday (10 days after I mailed the package) I was past desperate.. I looked up the address and phone number to the main post office in Margate where my son lives. A very nice man listened to my plight and had me hold while he took a quick look around. He found nothing. My heart sank. (though I really didn't think they'd find anything) He gave me the name of a lady there and told me to call her at 8 am the next day. He said they could find out the truck that delivers to his address and the person driving and check with him... this was much more than NJ post office was willing to do. I was very surprised that they would actually check the trucks! 
Since I had nothing to loose I called the next morning. The lady, named Shiela, had me hold and looked around. Nothing. Then she had me hold again, (not sure what she was doing) she came back and said that his address had a "forward" on it. I explained that the previous owners probably did but that my son had just moved in the house a few months ago.. back on hold.
When she came back she had the news I could have only hoped to hear... she found the box! My photo's were no longer lost!

Someone actually took the extra step and found my lost package! She said it was on hold there due to the "forwarding put on that address"..
How do I thank this lady for the extra effort she put in to find the box?! (yes I am sending a thank you note) While here in NJ they never even took the time to look and see if it even left their post office!! 
I had a big relief on the matter... I was so lucky I had contacted someone who actually took the time and gave the effort to find my package.
So thank you Shiela!! Margate Florida has some super people working there!!


Blogger Chris said...

What a great story! That really could have been a tragedy. We need more Sheilas in the world. And more Pats dammit :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Chris: pahleeze, no more Pat's! There were 4 of us all through school.. from K -12th grade! They tried calling me Pat..another Patty.. another sucked! lol But more like Shiela.. you bet! And I wouldn't have gotten her name without Eric taking the first step for me..never thought I'd say many nice thing about the US Post Office! lol.. Caring Counts!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Nymeth said...

Phew! I'm glad it was found! I've had some terrible experiences with mail being lost, and unfortunately I have only come across very unhelpful and grumpy postal service workers. How nice that you found someone willing to make an effort to help.

4:19 AM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

I am so glad they found it! What a huge loss that would have been.

I left you some bait on the R.I.P. post and you haven't taken it yet...what's up? ;)

4:15 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Chris: you can't imagine how upset I was!! Big relief! BIG!

Nymeth: that's my usual for P O workers too.. and i had them here in Jersey. The fla. folks were great! Huge contrast there!

Carl: you'll have to check my post tomorrow.. *sigh*

4:58 PM  

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