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Thursday, September 06, 2007

In the Company of Ogres...and others

Book 4 of 4 (but will continue and if they fit RIP I will do a review!)

In The Company of Ogres by A. Lee Martinez

  • Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages

  • Publisher: Tor Books (April 3, 2007)

  • ISBN-10: 0765354578

  • The book begins:
    "His name was Never Dead Ned, but it was only a nickname. He could die. He'd met his death forty-nine times, and forty-nine times he'd risen from the grave. Although, after his reputation spread, people stopped bothering to bury him. They'd just throw his corpse in a corner and wait for him to rise again. And he always did."

    Once again A Lee Martinez explodes with his outlook on the most unlikable characters he could find and turns them into friends, lovers and even heroes. Reluctant though they may be he has given them such character and comedy that you can't help but like them!

    Never Dead Ned, was a nobody, of no consequence, put in charge of a League, called Ogre Company, that most likely would fail at anything and everything. You couldn't have met a more trodden person than Ned, if you tried.

    "Yes, I was dead last night. And yes, I know they call me "never Dead Ned" But I guess that's only because "Occasionally Dead Ned" isn't nearly as catchy.

    But with all the faults of this odd and very diverse group (including trying to figure out how to kill Ned.. and keep him dead.. that is until they and Ned find out the truth about him) they manage to come across as one huge dysfunctional family.

    A crimson lightning bolt arced from the shadows and struck Ned in his chest. He died before he'd even realized it, falling upon his own grave.

    The Red Woman stepped from the darkness. Her staff glowed.

    "Why'd you do that?" asked her raven.

    "I have my reasons," she replied.

    The Red Woman had resurrected Ned many, many times but she'd never before killed him. She waved her staff over him, and Ned gasped. He hadn't drawn in his first breath before she zapped him with another bolt. He died before he could open his eyes.

    The raven hopped to her other shoulder. "What was the purpose of that?"

    "No purpose. Just seeing how it was on the other end of things."

    "And how was it?"

    "Oddly satisfying."

    She turned and walked away, leaving Ned to rot atop his grave.

    This book is definitely light hearted and a refreshing take on many, off the wall, horrid creatures you can think of , brought into a new light with personality and comedy.

    The Cast of Characters:

    Never Dead Ned: ...human (?)
    Gabel: ... an unusually short Orc. (Goblin short!)
    Frank: ...a very large Ogre
    Regina: ...a fighting Amazon woman
    Ace: ...A Goblin "pilot" of an Roc
    Ward & Ralph: ...Ogre grave diggers
    The Red Woman: ....wizard
    Belok: ....a cursed wizard
    Miriam:....a sexy siren
    Owens: ...a blind oracle
    Private Lewis and Corporal Martin: ...Ogre with twin heads
    Seamus: ....a Goblin shape shifter
    Sally: ....salamander
    Treefolk: ...a talking tree
    Ulga: ...elf

    Put them all together and what do you get? A damn enjoyable book!

    I found both of A. Lee Martinez books, Gil's All Fright Diner and In The Company of Ogres very enjoyable reading material and would suggest that when you want a break from the "norm" (whatever that may be for you).. pick up one of these books and enjoy yourself! (Though I will admit I think Gil's All Fright Diner has the edge.. but only a little)

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    Blogger Carl V. said...

    Both have sounded really fun and your reviews have convinced me that I will like them both once I get to them. I love the opening lines in this one!

    10:23 AM  
    Blogger Chris said...

    OK, I have to get my hands on one of these books. They sound hilarious and right up my alley. They sound perfect for some lighter reading. It's like popping in Young Frankenstein when you need a good laugh, only in book form! Super Duper!

    4:04 PM  
    Blogger DesLily said...

    Carl: yeah LOL.. those opening lines convinced me that I'd probably like the book!!

    Chris: Excellent comparison!! Indeed it's similiar to Young Frankenstein! A fun look at "monsters" with a great sense of humor!

    4:57 PM  
    Blogger Nymeth said...

    These sound like so much fun! I'll try to keep my hands on them, I am in need of some light, entertaining reading.

    7:12 PM  
    Blogger SQT said...

    I've never read Martinez before, but they sound like fun.

    2:24 PM  

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