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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Belgaraid: Book 4

The Belgariad: Book 4: by David Eddings

The Castle of Wizardy: 326 pages.
I can't possibly say enough about this series of books. But you have to love when you have a book (or in this case bookS) that you just can't put down!
In book 4 Garion finally finds out just who he is.. and who he turns out to be is nothing less than the Rivan King, heir to the Orb and Overlord of the West. (that was certainly a rude awakening!)
The Orb is finally safe in Riva and set back in the pommel of the great sword that hangs behind the Riven King's throne.
Ce'Nedra is aghast when she realizes that not only is she to be Queen of Riva, but the one she will wed is none other than Belgarion. (can we say the brat threw a fit?! )
While Belgarth is still recovering, Polara is concerned that the old man may have lost his Will and Word. (in other words: his powers).
After only about a month's reprieve Garion reads the Mrin Codex and knows now what he must do. He alone must face Torak, the maimed faced God, and somehow kill him. But can a mortal kill a God? With this heavy on his mind he and Belgarath and Silk sneak out of Riva and begin their journey towards the inevitable.
When Polgara finds out that they left without letting her know she nearly destroys everything in her room with anger. (you don't want to be near a ticked-off sorceress!)
When things calm down Ce'Nedra begins to grow up. She takes charge of the armies beginning to gather to help Garion and Belgarath be able to reach Torak. The little Princess/ soon to be Queen, and Polgara leave with the kings and their building armies and head out to gather even more men in all the countries. After all, Torak is a God , and Garion needs a diversion in order to get to him.
Will the little Queen succeed?
Will the army provide the necessary diversion?
Will Garion succeed in killing a God?
These and other questions are answered in the last book of the Belgarian series, Enchanter's End Game.
David Eddings has made such great characters to carry his story. There's not a one of them that you don't, sooner or later, feel as if you know them, or have met them before! In their journey's there seems to be nothing that you don't see or feel, and .. and.. (repeating myself ).. you really can't put the books down!
(small blurb on amazon)
The strength of the series is the development of the wonderful characters, the smooth plot and of course the dry humour.


Blogger SQT said...

I got my husband to read this series years ago and he loved. Truly, a great one.

3:01 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

hi sqt! it certainly doesn't slow up! unfortunately Eddings other writings don't seem to come up to this series. But I still would recommend this series to anyone!

9:05 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You write about this series with such enthusiasm and also it is great that you share some of the plot, too!
Isn't it fascinating how an author can reach a zenith with a book---or in this case, a series of books, but not come up to the same high quality in other writings...?
I love what Billy Wilder said when asked about a Director who's light had kind of dimmed....and the studio was worried about hiring him....Wilder said: "You are as good as The Best thing you've ever done!" Isn't that just wonderful? So this author is as GOOD as this series, weather he ever writes anything else that comes up to it or not...!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Nymeth said...

David Eddings is another one of those fantasy writers I keep hearing about but have yet to try. sigh, the wishlist grows and grows...

3:22 PM  

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