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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yesterday Was Not a Good Day

My closest friend passed away Sunday night.

And though I have yet to stop crying I want to tell you a little about this very amazing lady.

Mary Ann Johnson.. Annie, to me. Annie was born with CP and her health diary would be one no one would envy. Yet she refused to let any of it stop her.

Annie got through schools and wound up working at a government job.

I met Annie in 1987 at of all places, a Star Trek Convention in California. Right away she impressed me. A person in leg braces, crutches and a battery run scooter (on the back of her scooter was a bumper type sticker, it read: Warp 10 is ok with me!)... and she managed to come to conventions!

The other reason Annie was at the convention was that she was a member of the DeForest Kelley Fan Club, run by Sue Keenan. (the 3 of us pictured below... in our younger days)

Ann would scoot around in that scooter and had every bit as good a time as anyone at a convention. As time went by we met at many conventions, and became friends.

Annie lived in Texas and I when we first met lived in Florida, then California, then here in New Jersey. Rarely did a week go by that Annie didn't call me to see how I was doing. I can't believe I won't be getting those calls anymore.

(Annie at DeForest's Star Ceremony)

But let me tell a memory that happened with Annie and Me that always brought a smile to my face...

One time, at a convention in Denver, Annie, myself and another gal went to dinner at the hotel. We ordered and as we waited we all noticed DeForest and Carolyn walk in to dine at the same place. This thrilled Annie no end! She just loved De and Carolyn but the only time she got to see him was at a convention.

While we were eating Annie noticed that De stood up and began to walk away from his table. Annie mentioned this fact to us. The other gal chimed in saying he was probably going to the men's room.. then I opened my big mouth and said , "I wonder if he needs any help?" That's when Annie began to chock on her food from laughing!

It was "a moment".. one of those times you'd say "I guess you had to be there".. Annie never forgot that moment and many times we would talk about it and she could never bring it up with laughing hysterically.

She was probably the strongest and bravest person I knew. She had so many health issues to overcome, but never did you hear her complain. Nothing stopped her. If she dreamed it.. she did it.

I'll miss her more than I can say.

Please, don't leave comments to this.. I just needed to talk about my friend.


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