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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Hardcover: 560 pages
Publisher: Atria; 1ST edition (April 7, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1416550542


From Booklist
In 1913, a little girl arrives in Brisbane, Australia, and is taken in by a dockmaster and his wife. She doesn’t know her name, and the only clue to her identity is a book of fairy tales tucked inside a white suitcase.  When the girl, called Nell, grows up, she starts to piece together bits of her story, but just as she’s on the verge of going to England to trace the mystery to its source, her grandaughter, Cassandra, is left in her care. When Nell dies, Cassandra finds herself the owner of a cottage in Cornwall, and makes the journey to England to finally solve the puzzle of Nell’s origins. Shifting back and forth over a span of nearly 100 years, this is a sprawling, old-fashioned novel, as well-cushioned as a Victorian country house, replete with family secrets, stories-within-stories, even a maze and a Dickensian rag-and-bone shop. All the pieces don’t quite mesh, but it’s a satisfying read overall, just the thing for readers who like multigenerational sagas with a touch of mystery.

Yet another chunkster read!

When I found this book at B&N I loved the cover and when I read the inside flap I thought this sounded pretty good, and so I bought it.  As it sat in my tbr pile I came for find that the author had also written another book that I had read "The House at Riverton".  Now, I have to say, that I remember I wasn't thrilled with that book.  I also remember thinking it would be a book like The 13th Tale, which I loved, and I am guessing I expected it to live up to The 13th Tale which it didn't. My expectations for this book dropped.

Needless to say I became concerned that I would not like this book either, so I entered it with trepidation.  I think I expected to wade thru the book doing a lot of skimming ..... More or less, I didn't expect much.

I was wrong.

I was wrong wrong wrong!

I liked this book very much!

It was a mystery  spanning a few life times, and so the chapters were set up to jump from the granddaughter to the grandmother, to the great grandmother back and forth and it took some getting used to before I knew who was who ('s old age what can I say) 

It certainly wasn't a cliff hanger type of book but it kept me very involved to the point that I was picking up the book a few times a day to read a chapter or two... or more.

I might describe the book as: The Secret Garden and The Thirteenth Tale rolled into one.. but it's family secrets weren't as dark as the 13th tale and the garden itself was more than just a secret. 

The books main protagonist was Cassandra (the granddaughter) and the entire book wrapped around finding out who Nell (her grandmother) really was.

Which meant she would begin by going to England to see why Nell had bought a cottage there and told no one she had ever gone to England.  Why had her grandmother never told anyone??  Why would she buy a cottage and never return to England?

Who was the Authoress?  And what did the child's book of fairy tales have to do with Nell? 

This book is very well written.

And a very enjoyable read.

It sure made me keep reading.. and, as happens when reading a book that has captured you, it was not easy to read the last page knowing the book was over.

This one.. is a keeper.... and it is book number 10 for the RIP IV Challenge.


Blogger madcobug said...

Glad that you enjoyed the book Pat. Helen

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

10 books? Wow!! Well done you - and it's good to see a positive review of this book, because I've been waffling about whether I want to read it. Thanks!

9:03 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

me too helen lol

Jenny: this was a very enjoyable book. A mystery without it being "horrible or scary" and one you wind up trying to figure out alone the way yourself..

9:25 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds very conplex but very interesting, too. And if you say it is really good, it must be. You read so much and have such a discerning eye and mind. Very Pretty Cover, too...!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous She said...

After reading The Thirteenth Tale, it seems as though this would be a good next step!

Way to go on having 10 books for RIP! Woo!

1:19 PM  
Blogger GeraniumCat said...

10 books is amazing! I've got such a pile of reading to get through before the end of the week, and I keep changing my mind about what to read! This sounds good, I'll see if the library has it.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Nymeth said...

You probably remember how I felt about this, so I won't say anything :P BUT I'm very glad you did like it, because liking stuff is always more fun. I wish I had too!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

I love the sound of this one, Pat. Another one to add to my 'keep and eye out for' list.

8:06 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

She: If you like finding out about peoples ancestory you might like this

nymeth: I do remember that's what made me realize it was the same author as The House at Riverton, and like I said I was not thrilled with that book so I did go into this expecting NOT to like it. so it surprised me that it kept me so interested in it.

Cath: lol each time I read the word Cornwall I thought of you LOL.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Kailana said...

This looks really good! I have been planning to read it, but haven't got that far yet...

10:07 PM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

I had to laugh because I too loved this cover and loved the idea of the book but didn't give it a second thought because I too thought it wouldn't live up to expectations that I had from books like The 13th Tale. I'm glad to read that you were so thrilled with it and that it was just different enough that you didn't have to keep comparing it to Thirteenth Tale and others. I'll be putting it on my list of books to eventually get from the library.

5:16 PM  

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