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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Inconsequential Post…

Lately I can’t seem to focus on one thing…  even when I read when I close the book, if someone asked what I just read I couldn’t tell them.  It’s quite scary!

so here’s more “odds and ends”.. (not sure I did it right but possibly you can click on the photos for the larger size)

This pair of Coots are inseparable.. adorable too.


“hey, outta the way I’m lookin’ our over da pond!”


…then there are the “other” black birds….


Happily I am still doing my morning (in the dark) mile walk .. me and the Village People.  Let me tell you sumpin’… they are no slouches when it comes to a tempo to walk to!  I do an 18 minute 1 mile walk!   However… I am not going to the YMCA, I am not a MACHO MAN and I am not going to be IN THE NAVY anytime soon!

Oh and btw… as happy as everyone else is that spring has sprung early, (the cherry blossoms are blooming and people are rowing boats in Central Park )..down here the humidity is rising along with the temperatures!  yuck!  I think all of the “snowbirds” that came down here this winter “to get out of the cold” wasted their money! 

What else is new? oh… that Epidural I had has had some decent results! Good thing too, because after those Electric shocks down the inside of my leg while he was giving me the shots, …I wasn’t about to jump on the table again for another try!   I don’t know how long it lasts but I’ll take whatever relief I can.  

My son needs his nails cut!… I am not happy about paying 12.00 a month to have it done but he won’t let me do it!

march103[1]   march104[1]

One never knows what one will do when bored. This time change to “spring” just does havoc to my physical and mental system…and trust me when I say… it doesn’t need help!

so.. surprise, surprise, I took some pictures around the apartment. (don’t look so shocked!)  Below is the new Snake Plant I’ve added to the apartment.. (De and Carolyn like it!)  On the lower shelf is a ceramic my brother painted and one of the rocking horses I’ve gotten from thrift shops. 


Then there is the Flapper-girl (also a thrift shop purchase) enjoying an artificial plant.


Unfortunately, the fairy house is still for rent!!  I guess they just don’t know a good deal when they see one!..or.. I just don’t see them?  Is that possible?


Here are two more ceramics my brother painted.  They hang on opposite walls of my bathroom..



And just for Cath who says “she’s nosey” and the end table speaks many words… here’s the end table yesterday (this photo kills any thoughts of a clean and neat apartment! lol)


(and for those of you who are “of an age” (young) that thing with a curly cord is a telephone!)

I think this will be my last afghan..I spent more than usual this year on yarn! and it’s getting too hot to have it on my lap as I crochet anyway.

And lastly.. I am very happy that I gave Audrey Niffenegger a second chance (I am one of the few who put aside Timetravelers Wife..just could not get into it)  But with the opening paragraph of this book… I knew I was hooked!  I have read 100 pgs or so and am looking forward to the whole book!

So..  How is your month going so far?


Blogger Cath said...

What a lovely nose around your apartment, Pat. I feel quite refreshed after that. heheheh. Can't wait to hear about Her fearful Symmetry. I didn't care for TTTW either but I hear this latest one is good.

Loved, as always, your pond shots. Any Moorhen babies yet? Too early I'm guessing.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Debi said...

Okay, I've obviously missed out on A LOT in my periods of absence. #1--What's this about an epidural and electric shocks?!! What's been going on with you. my dear? I'm glad it's helping, because that sure sounds like drastic measures! And #2--When did you build your fairy house?!! Pat, it's absolutely darling!!!

5:43 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My Month?? Crappy, Thank You Very Much! MERCURY RETROGRADE is playing Havoc with Everything.....OY!

Sweet pictures of the Birds and of your Son, and a look-see around you apartment. Delightful.
Those ceremics your brother did are really beautiful...!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

There are so many things to comment on but mainly I am just happy to hear that you have had some relief with the Epidural and hope it will continue. The ceramics your brother painted are divine!

4:51 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Debi: mmmmm, did the fairy house when you sent me the glue gun :o) which was some time ago lol.. the epidural was for low back pain and far its relief time... no telling how long they said it could be as little as a week or as much as a year.

hi Naomi.. I hear you at the "crappy times" lol I have more than my share! Glad you like my brothers ceramics...!

hi Kathleen: thanks for coming by... and glad some stuff was worth coming over for lol lol

5:02 PM  
Blogger Kailana said...

My suggestion to save you 12 dollars is to borrow the services of someone else. When we cut Casey's nails I hold her and the guy cuts her nails. She squirms, but it is easier with two... It might just take a while, but I am NOT paying for it each month.

1:49 AM  

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