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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Idle Chatter….

Topic 1:   Florida weather.   I could describe it in one word: ugh!  Ah well, I’m here and I can’t afford to go anywhere else.  The past week I have closed up the apartment against the heat and humidity and the air conditioning is doing it’s thing.  This morning as I opened my vertical blinds to see the waning of the super moon I slid the glass sliding door open for a better view, and shock of all shocks it was not overly hot out! It felt slightly cool so I left it open for Boo to enjoy it.  He misses the doors being open at 5 am.  He would sit in front of it for long periods of time (which is what he is doing as I write this!) I feel bad for him that most of the year we have to remain closed up.


Anyway, to show how quickly the mind forgets as I get older, while I stood at the open door I once again heard the train off in the distance. I had already forgotten how I liked that sound each day.  To be honest I could still hear it while closed up but I’d have to be listening for it.  Hard to believe that sometimes it’s so loud you’d think you could look outside and see it go by!  The horn as it crosses a street is haunting.

Topic 2: Television.  Recently FX has been putting on some good movies.  I’ve watched Avatar twice now (and it will be on again this Thursday). Then I saw Iron Man (the first movie) for the first time.  I like Robert Downey Jr but I rarely get to movies anymore.  No one ever told me it was comical! I enjoyed it a lot!  And then over the weekend I got to see Blind Side with Sandra Bullock twice!  Yup, she deserved that Oscar!

Topic 3: Florida Doctors. It very well could be other states too but I don’t know.  Two weeks ago my girlfriend had a bad car accident (she’s doing ok).  She was taken to Emergency (yet another topic I could go off on but I’ll skip it for now). I went there and brought her home. The next day she called her doctor to ask to be seen without an appointment.  We both thought this shouldn’t be a problem.   Problem.  Once she explained to them she had been in a car accident her primary physicians office told her that they wouldn’t except her to come to the office for a car accident.  Say what?  The woman is in her 80’s, has a heart condition, high blood pressure, cholesterol, back problems and other ailments and the doctor that knows her best won’t see her?  I’ve never heard of this!  She told to go to a Walk in Clinic.  Huh?  The woman, unbeknownst to her is a bit in shock also.. you are really going to send her to a complete stranger who might do something or give her something that would be harmful to her because she’s in shock and didn’t remember to tell them something??!!!!!  It gets worse.. many of the walk in clinics won’t take her either!  I finally found one that would take her.  The reason we were told that her primary doctor wouldn’t see her is because the car insurance would be paying for the visits not Medicare.  Just for the record: Medicare pays 80% of the visits… Allstate car insurance (which she has) pays 80% of the visits.  ‘Splain this to me Lucy!!!!  I am so freeking mad that I am asking other people if they like their doctor and if they really really like him I will call and ask if I were their patient would they see me and if they answer yes, I am changing doctors. (I go to the same off of doctors my friend goes to so I know he wouldn’t see me either if I had an accident)  .  Of course I  hope I won’t have one..but then, the unexpected is the reason they are called “accidents”.  Is it the same in other states?

Topic 4: Dancing with the Stars.  Do you watch it?  Well this season, which is quickly winding down has a very young man from the Disney station named Roshon Fegan as one of the contestants.  I have to tell you… he is so young that he probably never heard of the dances he’s taught to do, and certainly doesn’t know the “feelings” to go with them… and yet he’s made it this far, but I fear tonight he will be eliminated. But I’m not sure (if he is eliminated) why.  Finally….. a judge said what I thought all along.. he looks like a professional dancer!  She said: there were times I couldn’t tell you from the professional he was dancing with! (It was a 3-some dance and so a second male was also dancing).  This kid deserves to be in the finals, but I will be shocked if he makes it there in part because he is more unknown then others .  I’ll cross my fingers and hope he makes it… at least he got some 10’s in his scores so he can be really proud of what he’s done.


Ok.. I think I am done chattering. :o)


Blogger Debi said...

That is just plain horrible about the doctor situation!!! I hope your friend really is thanks to the healthcare system in this country. :(

7:33 AM  
Blogger animewookie said...

Thats just terrible! Thank goodness she has you Pat <3

7:11 AM  
Blogger Cath said...

And was the little guy eliminated? Our dancing show is always in the autumn and I never miss it.

I can't quite get my head round that kind of appalling medical service. It's not a 'service' is it really? Dreadful.

6:46 AM  

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