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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Photography Notes..

Sunday, November 6, 20051:27:00 PM EST

Earlier on I was talking about photo's and not having the "perfect conditions" to warrent "normal settings" to be developed. Here are a few good examples of just that...

If you look at these first two photo's I took of Kevin Sorbo, you will see the very "white" background. Not good for picture taking having all the light "in back" of the subject.. unless of course you are creating a "shadow" of the subject in question. On these I had to lighten the picture more than it already was to be able to see the face better. (I sure don't want to miss the scuffies!! love scruffies! hahaha)

The next two photo's were taken in a room without windows, the lighting was not the best and I had to use the full zoom of 300 to get closeups..

To be honest, as i look at these in the journal box where i am writing this, the photo's look pretty awful.. but in PSP they look pretty good.. not sure what the changes are when I upload them to the file manager.. oh well.

Anyway, with these shots being so far away and using the full zoom, it was good I had 400 speed film in my camera as the zoom eats up the light like mad. I had to up the contrast some since the lighting was not great and i was quite a distance away at the time i took the pictures.


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