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Saturday, November 05, 2005

What ever happened to customer service?

Saturday, November 5, 200511:35:00 AM EST
Feeling: Frustrated

I went and had some photo's printed up today at one of those "1 Hour Service" places. *sigh.
A long time a go (everything I did was a long time a go!) I worked at a one hour processing store. I was the one who developed the negatives and then actually printed them. The people I worked for were very nice, and they really did care about their customers. That's something you don't see much of anymore.

Whenever I printed pictures I was to run them through with all the settings on "normal" (this was because, if taken properly that's all you would need). But as we all know conditions for picture taking aren't always as good as we'd like them and so some pictures tend to be to dark or to light.

Once the pictures came out i would look at them and see if any could or should be adjusted. Maybe i could lighten one here and darken another so that the prints were the best we could do. I always thought that my boss was unusual that they would have me do that before the customer even saw their pictures. "If they like how we print them, they will come back" she would say.. and she was right.

Now, when you go to a one hour place they are put in a machine that developes your negatives and runs them right thru a printer. No one see's them, and no one makes any adjustments.. you're stuck with what the machine thinks is "normal"..

It's really sad when you think of it. You take pictures and for the most part you can't "retake" that exact picture again. Maybe it was of a wedding or get together, something that you just can't retake. And yet for the sake of saving some money (if the machine does it then i don't have to pay someone to print them) the customer is sacrificed.

There are some good things to say about "the old days"... at least where pictures are concerned. It's a shame that the businesses that really like us to "shop with them" and "give them our money".. really don't care about you at all.

It's too bad the "mom and pop" shops are put out of business by the big business boys... cause they sure don't care.

Ok.. done bitching for the day ..heh.. hopefully, I'll add another page later today without griping :o)


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