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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My First Happy Memory

Tuesday, November 1, 20051:21:00 PM EST

My first Happy Memory.. wow, that made me sit and think for a bit. A few times I thought I had it and then I would remember one from when I was even younger.

I'm not positive of my age.. maybe about 7 years old. We were not very rich, matter of fact, we were (as they say) piss poor. My mother was raising two kids alone. She was working a "man's job" as a mold maker but naturally, back then, she was making alot less money then the men in the same factory were making.

Being poor at Christmas time was a hard time for my mother. She worked so hard to pay the bills, there was never anything left for special toys let alone a special day like Christmas.
But, I have one Christmas I remember very well.. On Christmas Eve I crawled into the double bed, I had to sleep with my mother while my brother, who is 5 years older than me, had his own bed. I woke in the middle of the night hearing my mother and brother talking. I was about to fall back to sleep when I hear another noise, something that wasn't their voices.
I got up and tippy-toed to the doorway and looked out to where they were, in the livingroom. There I saw my first thrilling Christmas! What they were both doing was trying to keep a cute little puppy from whinning!! A Puppy!!

They overhead my surprise squeel and told me I could come out. There my mother handed me the cutest puppy I had ever seen! She was brown and white with wavey ears. My mother told me it was a Cocker spaniel. She was soooooo cute and tiny!

My mother let me take her to bed and to my delight she eventually fell asleep in my arms. In the morning i looked at her closely and saw that her ears were brown and her face was white with little brown spots all over it. So I came to name her Freckles.

Now I need to jump ahead.. about 9 months later.. Cute little Freckles was HUGE!!! Her father must have been a Great Dane!! hahaha.. but i still loved Freckles. It didn't matter how small or large she was lol. She was a good dog. She had outgrown the house quickly and we had to keep her on a chain in the yard with a dog house.

Freckles was a memory all in herself. There were many stray cats around the small town where i lived. Across the street someone owned a white German Shephard, which also was chained outside.. the difference was... the Shephard would break the chain and chase the stray cats! The cats got wise fast.. they would all come running to Freckles dog house and duck inside, and Freckles would plop her butt down in front of the door and dare that Shepard to hurt those cats! Suffice to say.. the cats all lived a longer life thanks to Freckles.

There was one small (heh) drawback to Freckles personality though, and our neighbor who had a small chicken farm didn't appreciate Freckles like I did. Now and then Freckles would break her chain and go and chase the chickens next door!

One day the neighbor came over and was standing by our door complaining to my mother that Freckles chased the chickens and scared them so bad they weren't laying their eggs! I was in the doorway with my mother as she protested that "Freckles wouldn't do such a thing!".. when Freckles walked up behind the farmer with chicken feathers sticking out of her mouth!!
But she was a gooood dog.. honest she was!

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Blogger Rev. Mel said...

I just finished watching an interview with Red Skelton by a woman in Toronto It was on YouTube.
It was a 6 part interview. I loved Red and his humor,and base a lot of mine on his.
You too have a great sense of humor,and made me chuckle many times.
Just wanted to say thank you!
Blessings to you and yours,

11:39 PM  

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