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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Conventions vs. Autograph Shows

Tuesday, November 1, 200512:44:00 PM EST
Feeling Chillin'

Today I will finish up what I started in yesterday's journal and talk a bit about Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Conventions vs. Autograph Shows.

I've done both.. and enjoyed both. For quite a few years, when i was working and had the money, I would go to Sci-Fi conventions. Just about all of them were Star Trek Conventions, and the guests were always one or more of the actors from the "original" Star Trek. Eventually, they grew to include the actors from The Next Generation, Babylon 5, Voyager, and on and on...
The conventions are run alot differently then a Autograph Show. For one thing, at conventions the "guests" signed a contract to show up and to do a 1 hr. talk/ Q & A session and they were paid quite nicely to do so. At Autograph shows they are shown no such niceties. They get there on their own, there is no contract, and they aren't paid a cent. Other than what they sell, they earn no money.

I think the Autograph Shows began to pop up about 10 yrs ago. The one I had found when i lived in California began with no more then a dozen "old cowboys". Men who were in westerns either for the B movies or for television.

I watched that show grow from the 12 cowboys to blossom out and cover all sorts of old movies and televisions shows.

I loved watching and helping out at that particular show. The actors that were there were all above 55 or 60 yrs old. I'd watch as the fans would come and purchase their photo to have them sign and I would listen to the stories they would tell as the photo was being signed.
It meant alot to the collector but I think it meant more to the guest. I could see their eyes light up as each one sold their pictures.. it wasn't really the money they were after.. it was being "remembered".

The Autograph shows have come, pretty much, full circle in a few short years. Now "working" actors are beginning to show up to make extra money between jobs. As for the older actors.. they still have their renewed moment of glory with each sale.

Thankfully I will say that 99% of the actors/ actresses I've met have all be really nice people, and i've been more then happy I've met them. (The other 1% act like they are above the others.. which.. they are NOT!)

As I remember back.. I do have to say I never had such a good time as I did when I went to the Star Trek Conventions. I made friends that i still hold dear today and they were just so much fun I can't really tell you all of it.

The Conventions were a weekend away from Reality . You left home for the whole weekend.. no cooking.. no cleaning.. to waiting on anyone but yourself! To me, who at the time was a wife and mother.. this was as close to a REAL vacation that I ever had!

The time away became a meeting of good friends for a fun time. There was time to watch the guest when he or she spoke, a time to go searching for a piece of memorbellia that just HAD to be had, and time for visiting with friends.

There were costume contests (no i did not dress up!), art contests (nope, didn't enter them.. but some excellent art work was displayed!) and even a room where thru the whole weekend (24/7) old episodes of Star Trek were shown. But above it all.. it was the friendships and constant laughing for a whole weekend at a time!

Conventions and Autograph shows are now conducted all over the country on any given weekend. And if that isn't "your thing".. but you like to collect autographs of any kind.. there's always letter writing ! Anyway you do it is enjoyable.

So.. that's a basic on "Conventions and Autograph Shows".. i guess it's time for me to think of something else to write about. But I'd like to thank Bill the Wildcat for the segway into a topic I enjoy so much ... Thanks Bill. )

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