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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two More Days 'Till the Autograph Show!

Wednesday, October 26, 20057:36:00 PM EDT
Feeling Flirtatious

Umm, the answer would be yes! Heh. The autograph show is right around the corner!!

Tonight was the first night that the weatherman said no rain for Saturday!! (One problem taken care of). Now I get to worry if I can even get a ticket to get in! The website for the autograph show said they had so many “advanced tickets” sold that they will run out of tickets “very early on”. Sigh.. Now that’s not a fun one to deal with, it could mean standing in line for 3 hrs or more to be there before too many people get there, especially since the website announced the fact that they don’t have many tickets left to sell.

AARrrggghhhhhhhhhhh! I wait 6 months for this show to come to New Jersey and now this!
For the most part I’m still excited though..uhhuh,uhhuh!

Over many years I’ve helped some guests of autograph shows.. sadly, a few of them have gone, and each one had become special to me.

To understand aiding a “guest star” you should know, if I am lucky enough to do that I get to sit with that person all day long. I collect the money that everyone pays for a photo of the guest and make any change that’s necessary, then the guest signs the picture for them. All the while they get to chat with him or her, and most times asks to have a picture taken with the guest. (no one I’ve ever worked with has refused to have their picture taken) It doesn’t sound like I do much but when you do it all day it’s very tiring. (this show I don’t have anyone to work with). The best part of working with a guest is that you hear all the stories that each fan has to say when they talk to one of their favorite stars. So many people.. and so-o-o-o-o-o-o many stories! All are wonderful!!

I remember when I was working with Jonathan Harris
He used to crack me up big time. Of course, if you recognize him you know he played Dr. Smith in Lost in Space. This one young man walked up to Jonathan wearing a huge grin, he stared at him ashehanded me the money and chose a picture he wanted Jonathan to sign. As Jonathan leaned over to sign his picture the young man told him, how when he was young (he was all in his 20’s mind you) that Jonathan used to scare the dickens out of him. Jonathan looked up, then lifted his arm up and brought his hand down on the desk heavily and stated, in his very theatrical voice,“AND WELL I SHOULD!” Needless to say the young man just loved it!!! I’m sure he will never forget the day he met Jonathan Harris!

Some others I worked with at one time or another: Dorothy DeBorba, she’s the young lady with the long curls. She played a character named Echo in the original movies of the Little Rascals.

More recently I had the honor to help out Mako..maybe you remember him as the wizard in the Conan movies
He’s the sweetest man.. very nice.

And the last person I helped was Kevin McCarthy. You may recognize the face and not necessarily the name. He’s been in a slew of movies and even more television shows. The most famous movie was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”..”The pods! The pods!”

I saved the BEST for last.. someone who became a very good friend… if I was at his conventions and someone needed a photo taken with him he’d yell for me to come take the picture. Then he’d have the “nerve” to tell them that the camera was growing out of my hand and couldn’t be removed!! DeForest Kelley and his wife Carolyn were my friends.. I miss them more then I could ever say.. this is one of my favorite pictures I had taken with him on stage once.. the picture has a story with it but maybe I'll tell that some other time.

So.. now you know why I look forward to these shows. I always get to meet really nice people, stand around and chit chat, take pictures and just plain have a great day.
Am I excited? Uhhuh..uhhhuh… Is my camera ready? Uhhuh.. uhhuh…

I’m gunna get me new pictures of Kevin, I’m gunna get me new pictures of Kevin~
Uhhuh, Uhhuh..

Am I gunna drool over Kevin?… dang right I am-Uhhuh, huh~

Maybe I’ll even hug him and squeeze him, or, or, or I might.. ummmm, dance all over his b-o-d-y!! Uhhuh, Uhhuh!!

Hey.. no one ever told me I couldn’t dream… and DREAM BIG!

It’s not my fantasy….. it’s my alternate reality.


Blogger Pamela said...

I'm so jealous.
Not so much because of the celebrities -- but because you're having to much dang fun

6:16 PM  

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