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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bah Humbug

Argh!... if you live in New Jersey or New York area, you more then know about the transit strike. *sigh*

Gads, I am sick of it already! I really don't understand something.. the first day of the strike they had news on nearly ALL DAY about the strike and how people were getting to work and school etc. Oooookay.. one day was sufficient! I don't get why they do so many hours of it each day?!!

The people it effects the most aren't even home watching it!! They are out there trying to get to work! Sooooo...why are they showing this for hours on end to the people not leaving their homes ???? It's a simple question that I'd like to know the answer to!!

Do they think telling ME about traveling in NY is going to help those going there? I don't think so! So why am I and others made to suffer thru a transit strike?? What do the newspeople think we need to know that they haven't already said a million times?? I hate being a grump at this time of the year but I sure wish they would talk about it during their 2 hr newscast in the evening instead of all day long interrupting programs like we at home can do something about it!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

For Christmas I'd like the news to give some happy news.. somewhere I'm sure there is some!
Ok.. I'm done complaining...I just wish the news was done too! heh..


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