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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

I was sitting here and a memory popped into my head..

My boys were very young and "'twas the season" as it is now. I took them to a movie called "the Christmas that almost Wasn't."

It starred a man named Paul Tripp. (he also had a young children's show on television when my oldest son was still small enough to keep in a play pen. Somewhere I have a picture of him standing in the playpen with his bottle hanging from his mouth, as he watched Paul Tripp on television, Paul had the very young children that were his "audience" all singing "Hi Mike, Hi Mike, I like to say Hi Mike .. Hi Mike Hi Mike I like you very much".. they sang this to the boon microphone so that they weren't afraid of it) (geez my head is full of garbage!)..

Anyway, I took both the boys to the movie. It was in the afternoon and the theater was filled with parents and their very young children. It wasn't long after the movie began that I was very surprised to notice, you could hear a pin drop! The kids were GLUED to the screen!

The crux of the movie was that the mean villain was going to close down the South pole if Santa couldn't pay the rent by midnight Christmas Eve. So naturally Santa went to work as a "store Santa" to earn the money. The villain did all he could to make it so Santa wouldn't make it in time.. naturally.

The movie was nearing the end and the villain was pacing in Santa's home watching the clock tick down to midnight, when (surprise surprise) suddenly you heard the roar of the sleigh landing outside with only one minute to go... the whole theater erupted and all the kids stood and yelled for Santa to hurry! When he handed over the money to the villain, all the kids began to cheer... and I... began to cry!

To this day I don't think I have ever seen so many happy kids in one place. The joy they were feeling made me cry because I was no longer one of those kids... I don't know what happened to that movie, it doesn't come on television, it's probably just as well.. I'd probably cry all over again!

I wish you all a "Child-like Christmas"!!

....p.s. I just went to IMDb and looked up the movie I had forgotten who played Santa and the name of the "villain" .. too funny.. "Phineas T Prune" was the villain lol..
Rossano Brazzi... Phineas T. Prune
Paul Tripp .... Sam Whipple
Mischa Auer .... Jonathan, the elf foreman
Lydia Brazzi .... Mrs. Claus
Alberto Rabagliati .... Santa Claus


Blogger Judith HeartSong said...

what a great memory.

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