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Sunday, December 18, 2005

More about Pookey

In my comments of the last entry ,Chris mentioned her mothers cat and how "docile" he was.. well... you couldn't get more docile then Pookey!

To this day I swear that whoever "dropped her off at my home" in Florida tossed the kitten out his car window and she HAD TO have landed on her head!

This cat did NOT know she was a cat.She never jumped up on anything.. you had to pick her up if you wanted her on your lap on the sofa. She never knocked things down by jumping onto a dresser or coffee table. I had to make "stairs" for her to climb up on my bed!.. this was not a cat like any I had ever known!

Even as an old cat with diabetes.. she would "lead me to the refrigerator" then turn and sit with her back to me while I got out the insulin and put it in the needle. I would then bend down and lift the loose skin on her neck and inject her. When that was done she would calmly walk to her food dish and sit and wait to be fed. Sound like a cat to you????

This was a cat that when I moved to California, I flew her with me in her carrier. Walked into my friends home (strange house to her) plopped the carrier down and opened the door for her. There waiting for her was my friends house cat and an 85 lb African Serval cat. She stepped out of her cage and calmly looked around admiring the place, walked right past an 85 lb cat as if she had done it all her life and sat by a dish waiting to be fed. (you have to admit.. this is NOT normal!)

Everyday of her life this cat entered a room like it was the first time she had ever seen it and looked around like she was taking it all in. I swear, she HAD to have been tossed out on her head!

She always seemed like she was on some sort of tranquilizer medicine! Never in a hurry, nothing ..but NOTHING.. bothered her, ..but she always had to see me to bed! She would come on the bed and curl in my right armpit with her head on my chest until I fell asleep.

I will definitely never find a cat like that again in my lifetime... though I am surrounded by 9 of my brothers cats.. I will always miss her.


Blogger Charles said...

My sister and I agree, Pookey is a pretty cat. She lived to be 16. Isn't the average 14. She must have been a very happy kitty.

2:01 PM  
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Blogger V said...

What a wonderful kitty you had. I still miss my Soren after 23 months.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh lord. I'm going to have to direct my mom here to read this post. You could be talking about her cat! (Oh, and even though her cat was named Chuck, it was a girl. Don't ask me why they named her Chuck). My mom would carry Chuck and she had stairs for her too! You're killin' me here! lol

2:26 AM  

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