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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Earlier in my journal i talked about the movie "A Christmas Story" with my friend Scott Swartz as one of the kids.. well, the movie is on tonight on TMC and I just saw the part where Scott (as "Flick") got his tongue stuck to the flag pole lol.. I've seen it before but it cracked me up all over again lol.

I thought since it was on tv right now I'd share a picture with you.. first of his childhood character "Flick" and a picture I took of Scott over Halloween at the show I went to...

This is Scott at age 14! (yes, he was small for his age!)

And this is Scott as he looks today...

I heard him tell someone that he still see's Peter Billingsly they have stayed friends ever since they made the movie. Pretty nice to keep a friend who you worked with for that long... especially in hollywood lol..

Whelp.. this was just a thought.. hope you enjoyed seeing what Flick looks like now! And I hope you get to see the movie before Christmas is past!!


Blogger JessN said...

He's cute! Is he single? Just kidding. That's pretty darn cool. Looks like, in spite of Hollywood, he turned out ok.

5:15 PM  

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